• spring in the garden 2021 title image, tulips, moth

    Spring In The Garden 2021

    It’s felt like it’s taken ages for spring to actually arrive this year weather-wise and now it’s nearly summer, but here are some photos I’ve taken in the garden over the past few months.

  • 5 annoying habits to avoid when writing fiction

    5 Annoying Habits To Avoid When Writing Fiction

    I’ve been writing fiction on and off since I was a teenager (back in the day I used to write fanfic) but I never took it seriously until a couple of years ago. Me? A writer? Nah. Wait, actually… I’ve still got a lot to learn but here are 5 annoying habits to avoid when […]

  • recipe for mandarin loaf cake, title image

    Recipe: Mandarin Loaf Cake

    Hello everyone, I haven’t posted on my blog for a while but I’ve got another recipe to share with you all, a baking recipe to be exact, for a mandarin loaf cake which I baked earlier today.

  • nature themed poetry title image

    Nature Themed Poetry

    I’ve changed things up a bit on here this evening and removed the poetry page that was on here before, I figured it would be better putting my poems into a writing category instead so I’m going to share the poetry that was on that page, in this post.

  • going into autumn - orange berries

    Going Into Autumn

    I haven’t posted anything garden related on here since spring so I thought it was about time I did a garden post for autumn. The leaves are changing colour but there are still plenty of flowers around in the garden.

  • recipe - plum cakes

    Recipe: Plum Cakes

    I’m back with another recipe today, this time some plum cakes topped with pink icing, marshmallows, chocolate curls and icing sugar.

  • strawberry cakes with clotted cream - recipe title image

    Recipe: Strawberry Cakes With Clotted Cream

    We had some strawberries that needed using up so I decided to bake some strawberry cakes, I thought strawberries and clotted cream would make a great combo for this time of year, especially since it was very nearly the start of summer when I baked these last week.

  • wildlife in the garden in the evening title image - collared dove and a moth

    Wildlife In The Garden In The Evening

    The weather is so lovely again this week so I decided to have my dinner outside in the garden this evening (bacon, fried bread, microwave chips, ketchup and cress if you were wondering), when a moth walked across the path not far from where I was sitting, so obviously I went inside to get my […]

  • 5 goals for May 2020 title image

    5 Goals For May 2020

    I haven’t really been one for making lists of goals recently, I’m more likely to just write to do lists but Insecure Housewife‘s monthly goal blog posts have inspired me to make my own goals for this month. I’ve written them down in my journal and I’m going to share them on here too, so […]

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