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  • Films To Watch Over The Festive Season

    Films To Watch Over The Festive Season

    Christmas day might be over for the year but there’s a few days left before the New Year bank holiday, so if you still want a recommendation for a festive film or two to watch over the next few days, I’ve put together a list of films…

  • 5 Goals For May 2020

    5 Goals For May 2020

    I haven’t really been one for making lists of goals recently, I’m more likely to just write to do lists but Insecure Housewife‘s monthly goal blog posts have inspired me to make my own goals for this month. I’ve written them down in my journal and I’m going to share them on here too, so […]

  • Artificial Plants Around My Room

    Artificial Plants Around My Room

    I recently bought a few new artificial plants from Sainsbury’s to add to my room, so I thought I’d put a blog post together and share with you all the artificial plants and flowers that I’ve got in my room now.

  • 25 Things That Make Me Smile Tag

    25 Things That Make Me Smile Tag

    We should all be focusing on the positivity a bit more sometimes, thanks for tagging me to do this post Hayley from Thrice Upon A Dream.

  • Blogmas | Christmas Decorations 2018

    Blogmas | Christmas Decorations 2018

    Most of the decorations in my room are the same ones as last year but some of them have been put in different places, one notable difference as well is the lack of tinsel on my Christmas tree (I know! No tinsel??) I decided to decorate it a bit differently this year.

  • Blogmas | The Ultimate Christmas Tag

    Blogmas | The Ultimate Christmas Tag

    Thank you to We Earthbound Stars for tagging me in this tag created by Femenish!

  • What’s On My Cubes

    What’s On My Cubes

    I did do a post similar to this on an old blog of mine but I always like seeing these sorts of posts on other blogs (I think they’re great for book/DVD buying inspo!) so I’ve been wanting to do an updated version for this blog, there’s definitely been quite a lot of changes on […]

  • The Autumn Tag

    I discovered this tag over on Hollie’s blog, Beauty and the Bookshelves (you can find her post here) and since autumn is one of my favourite seasons (after spring) I thought I’d join in with this one too.

  • Stationery Haul

    Stationery Haul

    Wow we’re in October already, I’m not actually taking part in Blogtober this year but I’ve got a long list of content ideas including autumn related content planned for my blog over the next couple of months… Today though is going to be a stationery haul! Stationery after all is one of my favourite things.

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