I don't know whether to add or edit change the words or make them stick

On this page you’ll find a selection of poems I’ve written over the years. As well as writing poems I do of course also write fiction. If you didn’t already know, I share some of my short stories here on my blog, like this one I wrote for Halloween – In a Basement in a Storm on Halloween.

Some of my poetry has a theme of nature, others are about real life, plus there’s also one I’ve shared on here that relates to writing itself.


the whisper of the wind
the sound of the rain
banging like tin
on my windowpane

the musical tune
only drums can beat
the reflection of The Moon
glistens in raindrops on the seat


a butterfly flies
across open space
past the trees, the leaves
the insect weaves

with it’s bright colourful wings
it flies
until it lands
on a beautiful plant it stands


blackbirds, sparrows
starlings too
go around in
groups or twos

singing high, on tree tops
giving a tune
before they snooze

who am I?

who am I
I ask myself
the girl with the creative mind
who am I?

situations changed me
things that happened made me
the person who I am
right now

if I did it all again
would I change a thing

just gotta…

Just gotta
gotta focus on

what you’ve got
not what you’ve not
on who you are
not who you’re not

‘cos in time
when the years have slipped on by
you don’t wanna be looking back
asking yourself why

don’t wanna be
looking back in regret
wondering about
all those years spent

not doing what
even you thought was right
just do it now
make your dreams come alive


words flying across the page
backspace, typo, did I mean what I said
so many words written in under five minutes
paragraphs turn into chapters until it’s finished

then comes the editing
wait, what was that?
really, I think I missed a word there
notepad open, thoughts in motion

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