Victoria Austin - writer, artist, photographer

blue tit amongst branches

Victoria Austin is a Devon based writer, artist and nature and wildlife photographer.

Creating colourful and quirky art and designs. May last year marked 10 years since I started up professionally as an artist and I feel my art has really evolved over that time. Not just my style, but the materials I use to create art with. I was very much a digital artist 10 years ago but I've branched out in recent years (okay, pun intended... If you don't know my art already, I do like to draw and paint a lot of trees).

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As a writer, I enjoy worldbuilding and creating fictional places to set my stories in - over the past few years I've been working on stories in various genres and currently have 3 works in progress.

There's also a new poetry page on my lifestyle blog.

Some of the art and photography I've shared on here is recent, others go back around 10 years. This website covers a real mixture of art I've created and photos I've taken over the years. From one of the first designs I created using photos of butterflies to the various art I'm creating now.

I like to keep my content updated on here so do check back soon! I also share my work on social media.

Website updated: 07/05/24

goldfinch sat on a branch bumblebee on pink buddleia orange autumn berries young wood pigeon sat on the edge of an old bird bath spiders web covered in water droplets on autumn leaves blackbird sat in a bush with red autumn berries nature reserve in Devon, greenery by water gatekeeper butterfly on a plant with a white flower the Teign Estuary with leaves overhanging in the photo pink blossom

If you’d like to get in contact to commission a piece of art or about my photography or anything else to do with the website, please send an email to