Victoria Austin - writer, artist, photographer


Watercolour, digital and acrylic art (an archive of older digital art can be found on page 2).

Digital art

digital art of trees on a pastel coloured background digital art of flowers on a rainbow pastel coloured background digital art of trees on a multi-coloured background

The way I create digital art now is predominantly from an app on my iPad. It's so much fun, using an app and drawing straight onto it. As with my other art, I definitely seem to have got into a habit of drawing trees... I wasn't kidding on the homepage! Trees and seascapes are my absolute go-to right now.

digital drawing of a house beach digital art digital drawing of a beach hut

The most recent three feature a house I drew from one of my stories on the left and the hut by the beach on the right is from my other story in the same series.

Acrylic & mixed media art

beach hut and sea wood slice colourful mini canvas painting of a landscape autumn tree mixed media art

Last year I got into decorating wood slices with acrylic pens. The beach hut design on the left is one of my all time favourites, it was one of the first designs I did. It's almost like a glass has been placed in front of it to give it a sort of spherical appearance. The middle mini canvas painting was actually supposed to be the other way up until I realised, oh it works better this way, then I added the fence and birds. The one on the right is a mixed media piece created using brush pens to draw the tree then I added a watercolour background.

Watercolour art

watercolour painting of a pink tree reflecting in water watercolour drawing of an autumn leaf watercolour flower

When I started creating watercolour art a few years ago it really enabled me to start diving into something other than digital art. A lot of the time I draw from my imagination but I drew the leaf from a real leaf I found in the garden.