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Victoria, 30, based in Devon in the UK.

I create digital art not only from my photography but also from my own drawings which I then turn into digital patterns, my art often has a nature or wildlife theme in mind (I went professional as a digital artist in 2013). I'm also a lifestyle blogger - I blog about various topics including beauty, books, the outdoors, food and even The Sims Freeplay house designs (and The Sims 4 house designs too). I have a YouTube channel as well and I'm also in the process of writing two books, one of which is called The Vanishing Island which I'm going to be writing during NaNoWriMo next month. So as you can tell, I've always got a lot to do!

A few months ago I reopened the shop here on my website and I have previously sold canvas prints through a local cafe.

I also have a strong computer background, I started learning how to create websites from scratch with coding as a teen and now I have over 15 years of computer experience. My computer and digital art skills are all self taught.

Fun fact - did you know the background image was actually created from the dandelion photo on my photography page!