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Victoria, 32, based in Devon in the UK.

artist, writer, photographer

From digital art to watercolour drawings, a lot of my art has a nature or wildlife theme in mind. I started creating digital art in 2013 from my photography, some of which I sold canvas prints of through a local cafe. I also started creating digital art from my drawings. Last year I decided to change things up a bit and decided to have a go at making art with watercolour pencils and paint, you can find some of them in my portfolio on here.

I have a lifestyle blog where I post about various topics including books, the outdoors, baking recipes and other general lifestyle content. I'm currently in the process of writing two fiction stories, one of which is called The Vanishing Island and since last year I've been self-studying an A Level in law.

With a strong computer background, I started learning how to create websites from scratch with coding as a teen and now I have over 15 years of computer experience. My computer skills are all self-taught.