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writer, artist, photographer

So let's dive into the story behind this creative 30-something whose based in Devon in the UK...

Writing stories set in fictional places - I currently have three different stories on the go, Marissa Moves To An Island and The Vanishing Island are both set on/around the same fictional island of Cedarbee, one is in the genre of romance, the other fantasy. Then there's Mystery In Space which I started writing in '21. I also write poetry and other short stories which I share on my blog.

A lot of my art has a nature or wildlife theme in mind. In 2013 I started creating digital art from my photography, some of which I sold canvas prints of through a local cafe. I also began creating digital patterns from my drawings, you can find some of my older art on page 2 of my art portfolio. Over the past few years I've added other art mediums into the mix such as watercolour art where I've been using pencils, pens and paint. I also enjoy creating art with acrylic markers.

Last year I reset my blog. I felt the content needed a refresh, a restart. I've still got the same categories on there such as books, the outdoors, baking recipes and other general lifestyle content.

For many years now I've been a self-learner - between '20 and '21 I self-studied an A Level in Law from books. With a strong computer background, I started learning how to create websites from scratch with coding as a teen. I now have 20 years of coding experience. My computer skills are also self-taught.

When I'm not drawing, taking photos, writing or learning something new, I'm likely to either be out in the garden trying to wrangle bindweed away from the plants or attempting to make my way through my ever increasing tbr.