Victoria Austin - writer, artist, photographer


A mixture of nature, wildlife, sea and landscape photography

Teignmouth beach birds on a feeder at Stover Country Park in Devon a bee on buddleia colourful sunset The Moon snow landscape with trees pink flower dandelions bluebells orange sunset looking across to Dartmoor trees reflecting in the water at Stover Country Park in Devon blue tit on the conifer tree wood pigeon in a tree in the Devon snow comma butterfly on concrete Newquay beach, rocks by the cliff

Notes on the photos

The top left photo was taken in Teignmouth. There's also a couple of photos taken at Stover Country Park - the one with birds at a feeder and the one further down with trees by water. The last photo on the bottom right was taken in Newquay in Cornwall.

From art to photography

Around the time I started creating digital art I really got into photography, it kinda makes sense since I used to create a lot of my art with my photography by blending the images together. There was a time when I wasn't just taking a photo of a tree because it was a tree, I'd be taking close-ups of things to create textures for my art. Pavement? Rocks? Sea spray? They all can make good textures in the background of a piece of art. Take the dandelion photo for example, check it out in the background of my Dawlish black swan digital art in my art archive.

So, what do I use to take photos?

I like to switch between my digital camera and phone, having the extra zoom on my digital camera can really come in handy for wildlife photos. As a Devon based photographer, a lot of the photos which can be seen here have been taken in and around Devon, some of which have been taken in the garden. We have a variety of wildlife visit our garden here.

Where else you can find my photography

These on here are just a small number of my photographs. There are going to be a lot more over on my blog, as I work on sharing throwback photos from the garden over the years, featuring plants and wildlife which you'll be able to find in the outdoors category of my blog. Taking close-up photos of insects has become a real favourite of mine recently, they are such fascinating creatures. I share nature and wildlife photography and reels on my nature Instagram account @meandernature