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Digital art created from photography

blue butterfly digital art swan digital art leafy butterfly digital art
neon duck digital art Dawlish Black Swan 'autumn' digital art orange yellow butterfly digital art

The first piece of digital art I created back in 2013 when I decided to go professional as an artist was the blue butterfly design on the top left. To create these I would blend photographs together, putting one on top of another. I'd then digitally cut round butterflies or swans or some other wildlife or plant to blend on top of the design.

I haven't made much digital art like this recently, especially since I've moved onto creating art in other styles. That's not to say more patterns and designs like the ones on this page won't pop up as stickers on my shop at some point.

Patterns created from drawings

hedgehog digital pattern mice digital pattern summer beach hut, ice cream, chips digital pattern
frogs digital pattern flowers digital pattern palm tree, flamingo, pineapple digital pattern

I used to draw these by hand as a single drawing of say the flamingo or ice cream cone, then scan them in and trace over the drawings on the computer. From those I would make repeat patterns like I have with the six above. It was always good to start to see the end result as I coloured them in digitally and transformed them into patterns.

When I made these I was very much into colour blocking, I would often just fill in areas with blocks of colour then put them onto a blank background to get them to repeat. It's so much easier now to draw straight onto the technology without having to trace it, though a lot of the time I tend to do single drawings now rather than repeatable patterns.