Victoria Austin - writer, artist, photographer


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Do you enjoy reading? Why not add one of these bookmarks to your collection. With photography, blended photography and digital art designs, each design has been printed onto matte sticker paper which has been stuck onto 300gsm cardstock. The average size of these bookmarks is 4.5x16cm.


goldfinch digital art bookmark


Ice cream & chips

ice cream and chips, digital art bookmark


Teignmouth beach

Teignmouth beach photograph bookmark


Dawlish black swans

Dawlish black swans digital art bookmark



sunset with a conifer tree, blended photography bookmark



wildflowers digital art bookmark



Are you looking for new stickers for your journal or scrapbook? Printed onto matte sticker paper and cut out by hand, these stickers come in a variety of designs. Average size guide: wildlife stickers (8x8cm) smallest cat sticker (2.5x2cm) bookshelf sticker (6.5x4cm).

Cat stickers

cat sticker set


Wildlife stickers

wildlife stickers - Dawlish black swan, butterflies, duck, digital art stickers


Misc sticker set

misc sticker set featuring stickers of stationery, cats, landscape digital art, Teignmouth beach


Misc Sets & Holiday Themed

In this section there are a couple of bookmark and sticker sets, plus a holiday themed sticker set. One features strawberries that have been hand drawn and edited digitally, another is a set with digital illustrations of roses and guitars then there's the stickers of Christmas trees and holly digital illustrations.

Roses & guitars set

bookmark and stickers with a rose and guitar digital design.


Strawberries set

bookmark and stickers with a strawberry design.


Christmas stickers

Christmas sticker set featuring digital illustrations of a Christmas tree and holly


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