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  • Recipe: Chocolate Icing Covered Christmas Shortbread

    Recipe: Chocolate Icing Covered Christmas Shortbread

    If you’re looking for something to bake over Christmas, why not try these Christmas shortbread covered with chocolate icing, decorated with mini marshmallows or chocolate chips for a festive treat.

  • Recipe: Apple Cakes With Icing & Toffee Sauce

    Recipe: Apple Cakes With Icing & Toffee Sauce

    I’m back with another recipe today, what better time of year for a toffee apple themed bake than between Halloween and Bonfire Night? Read on if you’d like to find out how to bake these apple cakes with icing and toffee sauce.

  • Recipe: Banana Cake Squares

    Recipe: Banana Cake Squares

    Whether you want a square of cake (or three) with a cuppa or you want to bake something to share when you have friends over, why not try this banana cake squares recipe? You might be over banana themed bakes after the whole banana bread hype of three years ago, but if you’re not…

  • Recipe: Peach Cakes & Shortbread

    Recipe: Peach Cakes & Shortbread

    I had some doughnut peaches left-over (regular peaches would work well too) and flour that needed to be used this month so I thought why not bake both – peach cakes and shortbread biscuits. Read on for the recipe if you’d like to bake these sweet treats.

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