• World Poetry Day - writing & other poems title image, journal, pen, desk

    World Poetry Day – Writing & Other Poems

    So in the last hour of the day I found out it is indeed World Poetry day today (at least, it is for another 32 minutes as I start typing this post). So of course I wanted to write a quick poem, I haven’t done too much poetry writing recently but I do enjoy putting […]

  • Customising the new Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress theme - laptop, room

    Customising The New Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress Theme

    After starting this blog back in 2017 I’ve pretty much stuck with the Twenty Twelve theme ever since, except for a few moments here and there when I tried a new theme when it came out, but no other theme ever stuck with me like Twenty Twelve did… until now that is. So if you’re […]

  • going towards spring & a blog update - title image

    Going Towards Spring & A Blog Update

    I thought it was about time I shared a new post on here, especially since I’ve just spent time updating my theme, hello new grid layout! So what better way to start off with a new post for this year than with one from around the garden?

  • films to watch over the festive season, laptop in room with Christmas decorations

    Films To Watch Over The Festive Season

    Christmas day might be over for the year but there’s a few days left before the New Year bank holiday, so if you still want a recommendation for a festive film or two to watch over the next few days, I’ve put together a list of films…

  • On the islands at Christmas - a Cedarbee Island short story title image

    On The Islands At Christmas – A Cedarbee Island Short Story

    I wrote some of this last year, it was really supposed to stay at around 1,000 words but this evening I got writing and now it’s ended up much longer. If you didn’t already know, I’ve been writing a series of books set on/around a fictional island called Cedarbee Island, the first book is called […]

  • festive fresh orange cakes for Christmas title image

    Recipe: Festive Fresh Orange Cakes For Christmas

    It’s that time of year when you can get creative with Christmas themed baking, today’s recipe I’m going to share with you is for festive fresh orange cakes that I baked a few days ago.

  • Books I've bought recently - blog post title image

    Books I’ve Bought Recently

    Last week I shared a poll on Twitter asking people which post they wanted to see from me next, this or a top 10 style post of books (that I’ve read this year) and people picked this one so here goes… these are the books I’ve bought over the past few months.

  • in a basement in a storm on Halloween - a short story, title image

    In A Basement In A Storm, On Halloween – A Short Story

    I know, I know… I don’t post on here for four months and then I post twice in one week! I wanted to write this partly just so I could reuse a line from an old story I deleted but also for a challenge on a Discord server I’m part of (hi guys if you’re […]

  • summer - autumn in the garden '21 title image

    Summer – Autumn In The Garden ’21

    I completely skipped posting a summer in the garden blog post (or any blog posts for that matter) during the summer so I thought I’d have a bit of a catch up and share photos from around the garden from over the summer along with some recent autumn photos as well.

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