On The Islands At Christmas – A Cedarbee Island Short Story

I wrote some of this last year, it was really supposed to stay at around 1,000 words but this evening I got writing and now it’s ended up much longer. If you didn’t already know, I’ve been writing a series of books set on/around a fictional island called Cedarbee Island, the first book is called Marissa Moves to an Island (that title may change) and the second is called The Vanishing Island, both of which are still being edited.

Characters from both stories are in this since many characters from the first book appear in the second, I thought this might be a nice way to introduce people to some of the characters in them – this story is set after the first two books. I hope you enjoy!

On the islands at Christmas - a Cedarbee Island short story title image
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In A Basement In A Storm, On Halloween – A Short Story

I know, I know… I don’t post on here for four months and then I post twice in one week! I wanted to write this partly just so I could reuse a line from an old story I deleted but also for a challenge on a Discord server I’m part of (hi guys if you’re reading this!) So, get a cuppa and settle in for a Halloween short story set (mostly) in a basement…

in a basement in a storm on Halloween - a short story, title image
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5 Annoying Habits To Avoid When Writing Fiction

I’ve been writing fiction on and off since I was a teenager (back in the day I used to write fanfic) but I never took it seriously until a couple of years ago. Me? A writer? Nah. Wait, actually… I’ve still got a lot to learn but here are 5 annoying habits to avoid when writing fiction – mistakes I’ve found I’ve been making when looking back over chapters I’ve written from the past couple of years.

5 annoying habits to avoid when writing fiction
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