A Glimpse Into My Bullet Journal For 2024

a glimpse into my bullet journal for 2024 - a bullet journal surrounded by artificial leaves, with an artificial flower and pens

We’re already a month into the year, so what better time to share with you a glimpse into my bullet journal for 2024. From tracking the books on my TBR to rambling about pickle (yes, really). Read on if you’d like to see a few of the spreads in my journal for the year ahead.

I decided to go with a Moderno dotted notebook from WHSmith for my journal this year. It’s always a fun yet daunting process at the start of the year, deciding what should be added before the month by month sections start.

I added these make-up/beauty product expiry date lists to my journal towards the end of last year then copied a lot of it over to my new journal for this year. I’ve renewed a lot of my make-up over the past few months and wanted to keep track of when I’d bought or started using the products. Not that I expect myself to always remember to fill in the “started using” section but at least I’ll have the “product bought on” dates to fall back on later on.

make-up and beauty products expiry dates in a bullet journal

It’s like that jar of pickle in the back of the fridge, you know the one where you were sure you’d remember the date you opened it. It’s only been a month, right? Not that make-up or beauty products are in any way related to pickle or even food products, but they do have one thing in common and that’s the concept of expiry dates and how long they’ve been open for. If it’s hard enough to keep track of a jar of pickle that’s only been in the fridge a month, then it’s going to be even more tricky to remember when you bought that lipstick, foundation or eyeshadow palette.

…Of course scribbling the date on a fridge product label is a whole other thing (and is something I do when necessary).

I miss the days of being able to keep old lipsticks, like the first lipsticks I had when I was growing up (Clinique if you were wondering), they lasted for YEARS. Now lipsticks seem to get this horrible bobbly look if they’ve been in use for too long. Sigh. Another reason to go back to the 90s, right? Talking of the 90s, is anyone else enjoying the Gladiators reboot on our screens on a Saturday night? I LOVED that show as a kid!

Ever since I started journaling I’ve kept a housework log, okay I admit it. If you’re sitting there thinking Victoria, are your tracking yet MORE dates? Then you’d be absolutely right. Yes, yes I am. I do sense a pattern here…

housework date tracker in a bullet journal

It isn’t just me living here, not that it’d make a difference if it was but I share the house with my mum so I need to be a responsible adult and make sure it hasn’t been five weeks since the vacuum cleaner last made an appearance. Not that I would ever let it go that long, that is a wild over estimation of time. Vacuum cleaner, you want emptying AGAIN? Ugh. What are we feeding you? …Yes we do have wool carpet.

Something else that’s made a reappearance in my journal this year are these TBR bookshelves. I did a similar shelf spread last year, I’ve seen other ones that start out with blank shelves but for me I think it’s a really fun idea to list the books then colour them in as I read them. By doing this you can the shelf come alive over the course of the year, the more you read, the more colourful it will get.

tbr bookshelves in a bullet journal

You’ll also be able to see just how many books you’ve read that were sitting unread on your shelf at the start of the year. This is probably the most unread books I’ve ever had which at one time would have made me go yikes! I’d always be racing to get ahead of my TBR, not want to buy new books until I’d read the ones I’d already bought… well that’s certainly gone out the window over the past few years. I keep a separate log on other pages too of all the books I’ve read (and films I’ve watched) throughout the year. I’m actually really bad at remembering what films I’ve watched, even if they’re ones I enjoyed.

If you’d like to see more of the books I’ve read or films I’ve watched, you can add me as a friend/follow me over on Goodreads and Letterboxd.

These are just some of the pages that have made it into my journal for the year ahead. I you’re someone who journals, what have been your favourite pages to include so far this year?





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