• Autumnal Lipsticks

    Autumnal Lipsticks

    This post was originally going to be ‘berry lipsticks’ but then when it came to it I found the shades I was picking for this were more autumnal than anything so I’ve decided to call it that instead. As much as I love reds and pinks, which really reds are very autumnal as well, I’m […]

  • Decorations For Halloween

    Decorations For Halloween

    This is the first year in a long time that I’ve got any Halloween decorations (except for a pumpkin that I carved the other year) but I’ve seen several other people (bloggers and people who post on YouTube) posting about Halloween decorations which gave me a bit of Halloween decoration envy to be honest so […]

  • Autumn-ful Of Photos

    Autumn-ful Of Photos

    Autumn is one of the best times of year for taking photos outside with all the berries and autumn coloured leaves around, some of these photos are from this year and a few are from other years but I thought I’d put a post together full of autumn awesomeness.

  • Recent Book Purchases

    Recent Book Purchases

    I’ve been in a bit of a book buying mode recently, so I thought I’d share with you some of my recent book purchases for Blogtober day 9.

  • Recipe: Fresh Orange Shortbread Biscuits

    Recipe: Fresh Orange Shortbread Biscuits

    I did try something similar to this a while ago and it seemed to turn out well so I decided to give it another go and bake these fresh orange shortbread biscuits.

  • My Go-To Stationery

    My Go-To Stationery

    Since as long as I can remember I have been a fan of stationery, if I’m in a shop it’s often the stationery aisle that I’ll head towards.

  • Some Of My Favourite Nail Polishes

    Some Of My Favourite Nail Polishes

    I got really into doing nail art a few years ago, while I don’t do nail art as much now (I’m not actually sure when the last time was that I did any proper nail art instead of just paint my nails) but I do still enjoy painting my nails sometimes. I thought I’d do […]

  • A Tour Of My Room

    A Tour Of My Room

    If you haven’t already guessed by my sudden increase in blog posts on here over the past week, I’ve decided to take part in Blogtober. I didn’t want to say anything until now in case I got to day 3 and stopped, but here we are – day 5 and today I’m totally winging it. […]

  • 10+ Films I Like To Watch

    10+ Films I Like To Watch

    People always say this but it really wasn’t easy to pick a top 10, in fact the list was more than double that at one point but I didn’t think a ‘top 23’ would sound as good, so here we are, a top 10 list of my favourite films I like to watch.

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