Pressing Reset On My Blog

pressing reset on my blog

Sharing the first post on a new blog can feel a bit like making the first pen mark in a brand new notebook, and sometimes you just have to rip that first page out and start again. Over the last few months things have switched and changed as I’ve figured out what I want to be doing.

My old content felt stagnant and there were only nine posts I wanted to save from over five years of posting on here. Of those nine, most of them were recipes. Of course I loved my garden related content too but the titles were becoming repetitive and overall my blog felt a bit like looking back at old chapters of my stories, you know the ones where there were continuous lines of dialogue and not much, um, story? Basically, I didn’t feel what was on here was representing my best self.

So I decided it was time for a refresh, a fresh start. A let’s delete everything and figure out what to do next sort of thing, to the point I did think about maybe not having a website or blog at all for a while.

The only downside of deleting it all was that I didn’t back-up the latest version of my website, all the CSS coding I’d spent hours on updating was gone. If you’re going to do an entire website deletion like I did, maybe make sure you keep a back up of the latest version of your website, just in case you want it back. As it turns out, working from an older back-up might have been a good thing this time though, it meant I could really edit the code and update it for now. It might have taken longer but it was worth it.

If you’re wondering what sort of content you can expect to see on my blog going forward, in a lot of ways it’s going to be very similar to what I was posting on here before. I want to share more of my writing and of course I’m going to re-post some of my old recipes (plus I’ve already got a new one I’m getting ready to share!) I’ll also be sharing garden photography again and book related content… and anything else I happen to decide to blog about along the way.

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