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  • Films To Watch Over The Festive Season

    Films To Watch Over The Festive Season

    Christmas day might be over for the year but there’s a few days left before the New Year bank holiday, so if you still want a recommendation for a festive film or two to watch over the next few days, I’ve put together a list of films…

  • What’s On My Cubes

    What’s On My Cubes

    I did do a post similar to this on an old blog of mine but I always like seeing these sorts of posts on other blogs (I think they’re great for book/DVD buying inspo!) so I’ve been wanting to do an updated version for this blog, there’s definitely been quite a lot of changes on […]

  • Blogmas | 10 Christmas Films

    Blogmas | 10 Christmas Films

    Another thing I love about Christmas is the films.

  • Films To Watch Over Halloween

    Films To Watch Over Halloween

    Halloween is a few days away yet but I thought I would share with you a few of the films I’ll probably be watching later this month. This isn’t going to be the longest list ever but these are the ones on my to-watch list right now.

  • 10+ Films I Like To Watch

    10+ Films I Like To Watch

    People always say this but it really wasn’t easy to pick a top 10, in fact the list was more than double that at one point but I didn’t think a ‘top 23’ would sound as good, so here we are, a top 10 list of my favourite films I like to watch.

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