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  • Going Into Autumn

    Going Into Autumn

    I haven’t posted anything garden related on here since spring so I thought it was about time I did a garden post for autumn. The leaves are changing colour but there are still plenty of flowers around in the garden.

  • Autumn: The Garden In The Dark

    Autumn: The Garden In The Dark

    I’m trying out something a little bit different to my usual ‘(insert season here) in the garden’ blog post today… autumn – in the garden, in the dark! Last month I wanted to take a quick photo in the garden when it was dark and decided to use my selfie light, then I thought why […]

  • Autumn In The Garden

    Autumn In The Garden

    I thought it was about time I did an autumn in the garden blog post, I did do a post full of photos of autumn plants last year, you can find that here – Autumn-ful Of Photos. This year my post is going to be focused more on plants generally around the garden this autumn […]

  • Recipe: 3 Mini Apple & Cinnamon Loaf Cakes & Apple Cakes

    Recipe: 3 Mini Apple & Cinnamon Loaf Cakes & Apple Cakes

    I thought this would be a suitably themed autumn bake – a recipe for apple and cinnamon loaf cakes! 3 mini apple & cinnamon loaf cakes plus 5 small apple cakes.

  • The Autumn Tag

    I discovered this tag over on Hollie’s blog, Beauty and the Bookshelves (you can find her post here) and since autumn is one of my favourite seasons (after spring) I thought I’d join in with this one too.

  • Autumnal Lipsticks

    Autumnal Lipsticks

    This post was originally going to be ‘berry lipsticks’ but then when it came to it I found the shades I was picking for this were more autumnal than anything so I’ve decided to call it that instead. As much as I love reds and pinks, which really reds are very autumnal as well, I’m […]

  • Autumn-ful Of Photos

    Autumn-ful Of Photos

    Autumn is one of the best times of year for taking photos outside with all the berries and autumn coloured leaves around, some of these photos are from this year and a few are from other years but I thought I’d put a post together full of autumn awesomeness.

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