Going Towards Spring & A Blog Update

I thought it was about time I shared a new post on here, especially since I’ve just spent time updating my theme, hello new grid layout! So what better way to start off with a new post for this year than with one from around the garden?

going towards spring & a blog update - title image

I’ve been wanting a grid layout ever since grid layouts became popular but I’ve always liked customising the default themes and up until now I’ve just not been able to get a grid layout to work on them. If you’re wondering, this is the new Twenty Twenty Two theme I’m using now. I’ve always been someone who customises styles with the CSS file in a child theme so all this dragging, dropping and picking an option has taken a bit of getting used to. I’ve not totally finished customising this theme yet, there’s still a few things I want to tweak but for today at least I’m going to leave it as is for now… I say, no really I am.

So on with the garden…

Before I get into the it’s nearly spring I want to start off with sharing a photo from a frosty morning back in January (frost can make a wonderful photo right?)

plant in the frost

Some flowers have been starting to bloom over the past month, the daffodils in the garden out the back back are still not out (don’t blame them with this weather) but others around the garden are are out in flower.

leafy plant unfurling it's leaves
4 photos - crocuses, daffodil, white flowers, wood pigeon

Of course I had to include a wildlife related photo somewhere.

I know I put ‘going towards spring’ in the title and March is less than a week away but I think we’ll all agree the weather has been pretty full on this past week. Hope you’re all doing okay! Our outside took a bit of a battering with a bush falling off a wall (more on that in a minute) and tiles falling off the roof!!

The patio definitely looks different without this on the wall there, it had been there for a good few years, but one big gust of wind later and it blew the entire thing, along with the trellis, off of the wall! The branches were woven so tightly I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to cut it back myself but after two different days working on it, I finally got it back to this.

bush that fell off wall, 3 photos, trimmed back

If you want to see more of my nature photos why not follow me on my nature Instagram account – @meandernature


20 responses to “Going Towards Spring & A Blog Update”

  1. The weather this last week has been pretty ridiculous with all those storms. It snowed yesterday too! I’ve started seeing Daffodils pop up everywhere now, I love it. I do wish Spring would get a move on! Lovely photos 🙂 xxx

    • Oh snow, whatever we got here it didn’t lay, it was mostly hailstones. I’ve kept thinking in the garden, shouldn’t *insert plant name* have leaves on by now? & it was only Feb! Thanks. x

  2. Wow, those flowers are absolutely beautiful, makes me super excited for spring. The weather has been awful lately so I’m really looking forward to brighter days. Not long to wait now, thankfully! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

    • Not long ’til the clocks go forward, it’s starting to actually be light after tea which is great, definitely prefer the lighter evenings. x

  3. Your garden is looking lovely, most of mine hasn’t sprung back to life yet and it’s still looking quite brown. It’s nice to see yours looking a bit brighter!

    • Thanks, we’ve still got some here all twigs, no leaves yet *but* yesterday I think I saw blossom starting to come out on the blossom bush yay! x

  4. Oh love to see so many spring pictures and am so glad to finally see flowers popping around! Really love the look of your garden and can’t wait to have a space of my own x

  5. Apart from Autumn, I do love Spring. Especially getting to see the flowers and wildlife come out. Seeing daffodils and blue bells everywhere, I just love it. Thank you for sharing your post with these lovely photos too!

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