Summer – Autumn In The Garden ’21

I completely skipped posting a summer in the garden blog post (or any blog posts for that matter) during the summer so I thought I’d have a bit of a catch up and share photos from around the garden from over the summer along with some recent autumn photos as well.

summer - autumn in the garden '21 title image

So let’s start…

s u m m e r

young blackbird, hedgehog, purple flower

During the summer we had hedgehogs visit the garden, when we had all that hot weather, one of the evening’s it was so hot I sat outside and a hedgehog came over and walked around the patio while I was sat there, so lovely! The same evening I watched a bee taking small pieces of leaf into it’s nest it was building in a plant pot too. The young blackbird here though wasn’t too sure about the hedgehog’s presence in the flower bed and jumped/leapt out of it when the hedgehog was rustling around in it, as if to say human, what is this creature in here haha!

painted lady butterfly, grasshopper, female gatekeeper butterfly, purple geranium

Butterflies visited the buddleia and other plants in the garden this year too, including this painted lady and gatekeeper butterfly, red admirals were another of the butterfly visitors too. The grasshopper on the bottom left decided to hang out on the wall in my room one day so I took it back outside (it kinda looks like a Bowtruckle don’t you think?!)

blackbird and female gatekeeper butterfly
pink flower and fuschia flowers
orange flowers
orange and red flowers

a u t u m n

autumn berries and an insect

I have got no idea who this insect is, I happened to notice it on a plant when I was walking by it one day so of course I took a photo.

berry plant and pink flower

The berry plant on the left seeded itself some years ago, the flower on the right has been out nearly all month! I think it prefers this weather to the heat during the summer, I don’t think we’ve had a single flower stay out on it quite this long before.

fuschia, rabbit ornament with butterfly plant, pink poppies

If you’re wondering why these poppies are in the autumn section of this post, weeeeell that’s because they started flowering again the other week. I don’t know either… they’re usually out in late spring.

I started up a new Instagram account last month for my nature and wildlife photos/videos, if you’d like to give it a follow you can find it here – @meandernature

That’s all the photos for today, hope you enjoyed this post!


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