Spring In The Garden 2021

It’s felt like it’s taken ages for spring to actually arrive this year weather-wise and now it’s nearly summer, but here are some photos I’ve taken in the garden over the past few months.

spring in the garden 2021 title image, tulips, moth
orange flowers, bluebells, pink rhododendron

The plant in the top left is one I saved from a pot a few years back, it’s doing really well now! How lovely is the rhododendron though? I love our bluebell area too (though they’ve gone over again now).

daffodils and tulips
spring blossom

We’ve actually had to move the rabbit, since the blossom bush has got it’s leaves back, the rabbit had nearly disappeared under them.

blue tit on a branch

This blue tit is one of my favourite photos of wildlife this year so far!

bee, moth, poppy

I moved this rhododendron recently and it’s doing so much better now, I took this photo last week with a bumblebee on it. The poppy plant is hugeee this year, it’s got so many buds on it! I got a photo of the moth this evening when it was hanging out on the patio.

Why not check out my blog post from last year Flowering For Spring.

the garden in spring

And finally a photo of the garden after I’d just cut the grass back in April.

Have you been enjoying getting out in the garden since the weather has improved over the past week?


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