The Sims 4 – Lounge In A Basement, House Tour

Hello! I finished creating a house on The Sims 4 this evening and I thought I’d share it on here, it’s been a while since I’ve really let my creativity run free on there (…yes, I did put the lounge in the basement!)

The Sims 4 - lounge in a basement house tour, the downstairs
The Sim 4 house tour, downstairs area

The lounge area was nearer the height of the rest of the downstairs (with only a few steps down to it) until I decided to add a door to the outside so then I had to make it low enough to actually fit the door in place. The doors in the dining room are one of my favourite sets of doors… and that table and chairs? Yes, definitely two of my most used items!

The Sims 4, front of a 2 storey house plus another house next door

Here is what the front of the house looks like, I love the wildflowers. One of the other houses I created is next door – and now I’ve just realised both houses have the same tree, the ferns too, I definitely seem to overuse my favourite items.

The Sims 4 house tour, the upstairs

Now let’s move onto the upstairs area, this is a 2 bedroom house with a bathroom and a reading area upstairs (how cool are those seats in the reading area?) I thought I’d add a mezzanine area over the lounge too. Looking at it now, maybe I could have made the bathroom slightly narrower then the landing would have been a bit bigger…

The Sims 4 close-up of bathroom, reading area
The Sims 4 close-up of 2 bedrooms

I think those wardrobes must be a recent addition, I love how many colours they are available in, there are so many options. This is the first time I’ve used the bed on the right too, I went with a real blue vibe with this room (except for the rug of carpet and the curtains).

And finally onto the outside.

The Sims 4 house tour - the garden

Here’s the door that goes into the lounge…

The Sims 4 house tour, close-up of the garden area

And if you really want to see attempt 1 at this design? Here it is…

The Sims 4 lounge in a basement house tour, another house

I created this one by making the outline of the house first then adding rooms inside it whereas the other one I made the rooms as I went (except for the upstairs – obviously the outline of the house was defined by that point), by adding the rooms as I went, the rooms have ended up more the right size for the furniture without so much wasted space which is good.

What do you think, have you created any houses on The Sims 4 recently?


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