What’s On My Shelves – 2020

It’s been a couple of years since I last shared a post like this on my blog so obviously a few things have changed on my shelves since then (more books have been added for example) but not only that, my book collection has expanded out of my cubes and is now on various other shelves around my room. I even had to buy a new storage trolley the other week to accommodate new books to stop me from having piles of books around my room.

what's on my shelves 2020

First up I’m going to share with you what’s currently on my cubes! If you want to see what was on them last time around, check out this post – What’s On My Cubes.

close-up of first 2 cubes, DVDs, books

One of the most recent additions is this The Devil Wears Prada Miranda Priestly Funko Pop. I’ve got some of my watercolour pens on there at the moment as well as the cute Beauty and the Beast Chip mug which I use to store some of my earrings in. The lovely prints on top of the cubes are from Art by Lena.

books and DVDs on my cubes, includes a Rainbow Troll Funko Pop

Another Funko Pop – this time a Rainbow Troll! And my McDonald’s Cat Heart Emoji toy.

fiction and non-fiction books, Paddington Bear toy and other items

Paddington Bear of course still has a home on my cubes, as does the pink elephant! I’ve got a real non-fiction shelf going on, on the right here as well as on the cube on the left in the picture below. There’s a couple of Friends DVD boxsets and Desperate Housewives season 1 is behind the pink case on the right.

non fiction books and DVDs, other items
books and DVDs on the shelf under my desk, art items

And now let’s move on to a shelf under my desk where more of my books are stored as well as a few more DVDs. Also my art stuff is on the shelf above – watercolour paints and pencils, along with other craft related items in the storage box I got from Homesense a while back.

books on shelves

My new storage trolley from Hobbycraft! I had wanted the pink one but it was out of stock online then I looked at this one again (I’d already thought about buying one of these before) and decided rose gold might work better with the purple wall in the background. I’m glad I decided to get the rose gold one instead, it’s a lovely colour and I think it looks great here with my other cabinet.

Most of these books are fiction except for the bottom shelf of the cabinet which has a lot of study books on it (if you didn’t already know I’m currently self-studying three A Levels – Psychology, Law and Sociology). plus next to them are my notebooks that I make study notes in.

books on shelves and a flower ornament

And lastly a close-up of the books on the trolley.

Have you read any of these books before, what books/DVDs are your favourite?


4 thoughts on “What’s On My Shelves – 2020

  1. Julie

    great post Victoria, spotted some lovely books and i am naturally nosy, so really enjoy looking at what people have on their shelves 🙂

    So glad you are a member of the group and are also enjoy Tudortember 🙂

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks, me too I always like looking at other people’s bookshelves. It’s great being part of it all!

  2. Erin

    This is a really interesting type of post! It reminds me of blogging, like, six + years ago – it seemed so much more personal then! I think you and I have similar collecting habits when it comes to books, I definitely like to accumulate good books. And I love that you’re self-learning! Over the summer I did a bit to self-relearn some of my university courses – it’s been so long! I’d never heard of Tudortember, I’ll have to look into it, sounds right up my alley 😉

    Erin // Blog

    1. Victoria Post author

      I think my blog is still living in the 2014 era of blogging to be honest! It’s great you’ve been doing a bit of self-study, I’m really enjoying learning the A Levels at the moment. Tudortember should be happening again next year, you should definitely check it out! 🙂


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