Recipe: Plum Cakes

I’m back with another recipe today, this time some plum cakes topped with pink icing, marshmallows, chocolate curls and icing sugar.

recipe - plum cakes


100g Stork
95g castor sugar
100g self-raising flour (plus extra)
Semi-skimmed milk
2 free range eggs
3 plums

…and ingredients for the topping, I used some marshmallows, pink icing and chocolate curls that I got on an order from Asda. Plus some icing sugar we already had, to dust with when I started decorating them.

I had to roughly guess the quantities for this bake because we still haven’t replaced the battery in our battery operated kitchen scales, so I went old school with the manual kitchen scales which don’t give exact amounts.


Stir the Stork and sugar together then add the eggs, beat them in with an electric whisk then add the flour, stir that in and add a small amount of milk. Once it’s all stirred in and you’re happy with the consistency it’s time to peel, de-stone and liquidise the plums!

Add your liquidised plums to the mixture and stir them in, you’ll need to add some extra self-raising flour at this point to get the consistency back to what it should be after adding the plums.

Preheat the oven to 180c.

Grease the baking trays (I used some Stork and more of the self-raising flour) add your mixture to the trays, I placed them all on 2 baking trays to keep them organised.

Bake the cakes for around 23 minutes – until they are lightly golden (I use a skewer in each of them to check they were all thoroughly cooked).

Leave on a plate to cool…

toppings for plum cakes with cakes in the background

Once they have cooled you can start decorating them, I decorated 3 and we ate the 2 larger cakes plain. Me, mum, dad, we all thoroughly enjoyed them!

close-up of plum cakes
decorated plum cakes

Let me know if you give this recipe a try.

Check out the reel I posted on Instagram from when I baked them:


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