Book Review: Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie

A dinner party full of guests, including Sir Charles Cartwright the host, a dead guest and no motive as to who might have killed him… this story sets off on a journey to discover not just who but why? This is one of the books in the Poirot series.

Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie book

This is the first Agatha Christie book I’ve ever actually read, I’ve seen plays of her stories before but never read any of her books. I read this for a book club I’m part of and I’m so glad I did, I really enjoyed it. I’ve now got another 3 Agatha Christie books on order, plus I’ve also got 4.50 From Paddington which I already bought at the same time as this one last month.

My rating: 4/5

A lot of the characters seemed suspiscious to me, Mrs Dacres, Miss Milray, Oliver Manders – all of which I thought were guilty at various points in the book even Miss Wills!

I forgot to mention this in the book chat but one thing that confused me was when they started calling the Doctor Tollie – I actually had to go back a few pages to check if I’d missed another character appearing.

Poirot of course was a favourite character of mine when he popped up throughout the story, I didn’t really have any other particular favourites, maybe Mr Satterthwaite, they all made the book what it was though.

I thought it was very cleverly done how it all tied up in the end but without giving away any spoilers, I’ve got to say it definitely surprised me.

Have you read any Agatha Christie books recently?


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