Recipe: Strawberry Cakes With Clotted Cream

We had some strawberries that needed using up so I decided to bake some strawberry cakes, I thought strawberries and clotted cream would make a great combo for this time of year, especially since it was very nearly the start of summer when I baked these last week.

strawberry cakes with clotted cream - recipe title image


100g salted butter
100g castor sugar
100g self-raising flour (plus extra)
2 free-range eggs
Semi-skimmed milk

For the topping:
Strawberries and clotted cream


Makes: 12 cakes

To start with I mixed the butter and sugar together, then after adding the eggs I used an electric whisk to beat them into the mixture. At this point I got distracted by the strawberries and ended up leaving the mixture to stand for several minutes – when I went back to it the mixture had actually started separating! After a quick bit of stirring it by hand with a spoon, I managed to save it. I then added the flour.

I decided to use a tea strainer after liquidising the strawberries to separate the pips from the juice (or as I call it, the fruit sieve), after stirring the liquidised strawberries into the mixture I added some extra flour to regain the right consistency of the mixture.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

I added a small amount of milk, stirred that in and put the mixture into cake cases on a baking tray. I baked the cakes for around 15 minutes (like always, I checked them with a skewer when they were out of the oven to make sure they were thoroughly cooked).

strawberry cakes fresh out of the oven
3 strawberry cakes with clotted cream and an extra piece of strawberry on top of each one

I added a dollop of clotted cream on these three and placed a piece of strawberry on top of each one. I know I’m saying it myself but I think this was one of my best bakes to date! My parents loved them too.


6 responses to “Recipe: Strawberry Cakes With Clotted Cream”

  1. They look so yummy! And they’re making me really crave strawberry shortcake, haha! Luckily strawberry season is coming very soon for me. Maybe I’ll try my hand at making these cakes as well 🙂

    Erin /

  2. Oh wow these looked delicious and when I read that they have strawberries in the cake mixture as well as in top they sound even more delicious!! Strawberries are such a lovely Summer flavour I think I’ll have a go at these xx

    • Strawberries are lovely in the summer aren’t they, I love putting fruit in my bakes. Thanks Fiona! xx

  3. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing. Maybe we’ll bake some after dinner and garnish with fresh strawberries from the garden. Yum! ?

    • Thanks Robin! It’s been a while since I’ve had homegrown strawberries, we were going to get some fresh strawberry plants this year but obviously couldn’t get out to get them.

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