Wildlife In The Garden In The Evening

The weather is so lovely again this week so I decided to have my dinner outside in the garden this evening (bacon, fried bread, microwave chips, ketchup and cress if you were wondering), when a moth walked across the path not far from where I was sitting, so obviously I went inside to get my camera…

wildlife in the garden in the evening title image - collared dove and a moth
4 photos of a moth

Except I didn’t know it was a moth because it looked like it did in the first photo when I first saw it – see? Not that moth-like!

collared dove at the top of the conifer tree

I’d also been hearing a different sort of bird noise over the past few days, like a wood pigeon yet really not like a wood pigeon (I had to Google who it was but guessed it might be a type of dove after seeing it for a second in the conifer tree yesterday) anyway I found out (if I’m anywhere near correct) it could actually be a collared dove who likes to sing in the top of our conifer tree. I managed to get a few photos when I was sat outside.

collared dove sitting at the top of the conifer tree - second photo
close-up of a young wood pigeon

One of the young wood pigeons also turned up on the wall, I was taking a few photos of him or her then went back to taking photos of the moth and when I turned round the wood pigeon was just staring at me. Wood pigeons do like to see what you’re up to, they’re very inquisitive!

Look away for the next two photos if you’re not keen on the eight legged creature variety…

spider on a blade of grass

I found this spider trying to attach itself to me in mid air (like I was going to stay still enough for it to join me to it’s web, I mean really) but I got it back on the grass and it started darting this way and that. I managed to get these photos when it was on a taller piece of grass.

another photo of the spider on a blade of grass

You never know what wildlife you might see when spending time sat in the garden! Hope you’ve had a lovely bank holiday all of you.


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