Spring In The Garden Part Two & New Plants

It’s actually National Gardening Week this week (run by the RHS) so what better time to update you with all the plants I’ve been planting in the garden over the past week or so. We actually got a lovely delivery of spring plants from Otter Garden Centre last week (it really made my week finding them online to buy!) it was like a mystery box style selection of plants with bulbs and compost… so here we are, new plants and a part two blog post of spring in the garden this year.

spring in the garden part two & new plants title image
Bleeding Heart flowers with other plants around them including blue flowers
pink Rose
welcome container of plants and stem of a Delphinium

So here are some of the new flowers, we finally got the welcome basket container out of the garage to put these new flowers in. On the right is a stem of the Delphinium plant, full of flowers waiting to come out! I put that plant in the new flower bed I created last week (more on that towards the end of the post…)

purple Heuchera plant

Another of the new plants in the flower bed is this lovely Heuchera plant, how cool are the purple leaves?!

pink Azalea with a bee on it

We also got this lovely pink Azalea (a bee decided to come over when I was taking photos of it) not for the first time either, it was either that one (it looked very similar) or one of the others that had been after it when I was trying to plant it earlier in the day so it’s definitely a hit with them.

close up of Busy Lizzies in a pot, blue car garden planter, bird bath, area with stones

Busy Lizzies, I planted these in the old pot we had in the car last year, I decided to put the car over here this year, it looks like it’s driving out of the area don’t you think?

tomato plants in pots

I’ve had a few fruit and veg plants over the years but I’ve never tried to grow tomatoes before so I’m looking forward to seeing what these turn out like (that is an empty strawberry pot next to them, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get strawberries again too at some point).

fledgling blackbird and wood pigeon nesting with two young

If you read my last post Flowering For Spring you would have seen me mention the birds nesting in our garden, well since then the wood pigeons have hatched and two young blackbirds have fledged the nest! I’ve seen them exploring the garden (and investigating the new plants in the pots) I’ve never seen baby wood pigeons before, they’re so adorable! Obviously my camera has a good zoom, I wasn’t stood anywhere near the nest to take these photos.

Tulip and pink Senetti plant

Another photo of the Tulips (I did share a couple in my last blog post) but the colour came out in them a lot more by the time I took this photo. Next to them is the pink Senetti plant, the flowers are so bright I couldn’t get a photo to match the colouring of the actual flowers.

plant pot with Bacopa, a bird solar light and a Cotswold Farm planter with a Busy Lizzie and geranium

Some more of the new plants – Bacopa, Busy Lizzies and a Geranium which I added to the pots. Other ones of them were put in other pots around the garden.

pink blossom plant

This feathery plant is absolutely covered in blossom and it’s turned a lovely shade of pink too!

octagonal flower bed, green bush in the lawn, flowers in a container with ornaments and a VW Camper Van planter with flowers

Right so yes the flower bed, I got it into my head let’s have a go at making a new flower bed, it’s not something I’ve ever done before, not on such a large scale anyway (well it’s not that large but you know what I mean) a lot of the other flower beds got made over twenty years ago by my dad when we first moved here but now I’ve taken over the gardening I thought I’d have a go at creating one myself. I could have created a circle or even a square (that may have been simpler) but what did I make? An eight sided octagon!

There was a point where I thought I’d never get all the grass removed for it because the lawn was so compacted but with perseverance (and a lot of water) in the end I managed to get the first part finished before it got totally dark.

The other photo on the left is some sort of bush, I’ve got no idea what it’s called but we’ve now got four of them in and around the garden. This one seeded itself in the brick wall in the side garden but we didn’t want it to stay there, the roots can get pretty big on these and we were bothered it might damage the wall over time so I moved it here into the grass instead. I actually dug the hole originally for the Azalea, we thought it would look lovely in the grass but the flowers are very low down on it and for the short time I had it balanced in the hole it looked like it was being swamped by the grass so we decided to put it in a flower bed instead. It looks absolutely perfect where it is now.

On the right is a VW Camper Van planter with (again) reused pots for the new flowers and above is a stone plant container we nicknamed Stonehenge. There’s a mixture of plants in that but I decided to add one of the new ones in there as well.

Have you managed to get out in the garden at all recently?


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