Artificial Plants Around My Room

I recently bought a few new artificial plants from Sainsbury’s to add to my room, so I thought I’d put a blog post together and share with you all the artificial plants and flowers that I’ve got in my room now.

artificial plants around my room - plant in a leopard face plant pot and other items on the cubes

So let’s start off with this plant in this lovely leopard face plant pot (I think it could be an Argos one actually? At least I’ve seen it on the Argos website!) I knew I wanted to get this when I went to Sainsbury’s the first time last month but didn’t end up actually buying anything when I was in there that day (was kinda in a rush) so I bought it when I went back later that week… along with this next plant.

artificial pink orchid plant, books and other items on a table

My mum actually got this one to put in her and dad’s bathroom but the colours didn’t quite work so I got it instead which I’m very pleased about, I think it looks great here on my table full of books.

artificial plants and other items on my desk, wall hanging with things like motivational cards, a keyring, on the wall

My desk has a total of two plants on it at the moment, the one on the right is a recent addition (again, from Sainsbury’s – another one I knew I really liked when I saw the leopard face one) and the one on the left used to be on top of my cubes.

artificial pink flower and leaves in a pot, drawered unit under a table

I’ve had the pink flower in this pot for a while but added the other leafy items to it more recently, they’d been living in the loft room not being used so I’m finally making use of them in this pot.

artificial orange flower, lavender and leaves in a jug vase, cubes in the background

Well this one’s a bit of a mixture isn’t it! An orange flower, lavender and what I think are cheese plant? leaves that I got from The Works a while back.

close-up of plant, other desk items in the background

A close-up of one of the plants on my desk.

artificial lavender plant, other items including non-fiction books on cubes

I recently reorganised my entire cubes actually, some things stayed in the same place but a lot of the DVDs and books moved around, like with this shelf area I decided to put a lot of my non-fiction books together. I might do a blog post (or maybe a video) of what the rest of the cubes look like and how my books and DVDs are organised now.

I always grew up with don’t put real plants in the room you sleep (anyone else?) so artificial plants have been the way to go for me to bring a little bit of the outdoors into my room.

Have you bought any artificial plants recently?


8 responses to “Artificial Plants Around My Room”

  1. That’s a seriously good haul of artificial plants, and they look fab! From these photos you wouldn’t even realise that some aren’t real. I’m so hopeless with indoor plants, they always die on me, having them in the garden is far simpler. That said, we do have a couple of aloe veras in the kitchen and Flora has a palm in her bedroom as they’re supposed to be good at cleansing the atmosphere (so she tells me!). Great haul, thank you for sharing 🙂 Lisa xx

  2. These are lovely indoor plants, and they look so real too! I also have artificial plants at home as I’m awful at keeping real ones alive. This is the perfect solution though, these look real and are low maintenance too. I didn’t know Sainsbury’s did such a nice range, will definitely have a look next time I’m shopping. Thanks for sharing Victoria, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Sainsbury’s and Argos have been great for artificial plants recently (hopefully we’ll be able to get back there again soon). I love the low maintenance-ness about them too, they can’t grow out of their space like real ones can which isn’t good if they’re in a small space. Thanks Bexa! xx

  3. Wow, they make great additions to your room. I love how pretty they look. I think I would be better with faux flowers as I couldn’t kill them ??‍♀️? thank you for sharing! Xx

  4. Oooh I love your choices! I don’t really have the time to take care of plants properly but when I get my office I’m DEFINITELY going to invest in some artificial plants! <3

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