The Sims Freeplay Two Romantic Garden House Designs

Today I’m going to share with you not one but two houses I’ve designed on The Sims Freeplay, both of which have gardens containing items from the recent Romantic Garden live event.

The Sims Freeplay house design featuring Romantic Garden items

I was actually designing this house during the live event – I added several of the items in the garden that I’d unlocked, then ended up unlocking another lot of items before the event ended (…I never get them all first time around!) but I’d ran out of room in the first garden so put them in the garden of the other house instead.

One of my most favourite items was actually the little grey hearts ornament! I put it by the front door here.

The Sims Freeplay house design - the outside of the house at the front
The Sims Freeplay house design - second floor with mezzanine

There was a house already on this lot that I deleted before I started building this one so it already had three floors available – I thought I was going to run out of ideas to fill spaces with rooms for three floors but I added a mezzanine which broke up the space a bit! It may have been better if I’d actually made the house a little bit smaller though to give more room in the garden.

The Sims Freeplay house design, top floor - bedrooms, bathrooms

The top level with the bedrooms!

The Sims Freeplay house design, kitchen close up, lounge

The fireplace in the lounge came with this event too, I decided to put this one indoors rather than have it outside.

The Sims Freeplay house design - Romantic Garden live event items in garden
The Sims Freeplay - a Sim using the Romantic Garden birdhouse

I was excited to discover a bird actually appears when you interact with the birdhouse. So cool!

Now onto the second house…

The Sims Freeplay house design, plants, flowers and patio paving at front of house
The Sims Freeplay house design

I designed this house a while ago, I’d already added the swimming pool for example when I designed the house, the water feature was from a previous event as well.

The Sims Freeplay house design - second floor with bedroom, includes a room with a ping pong table
The Sims Freeplay house design - close up of garden with Romantic Garden items, a swimming pool

There were some really cool items in the latest live event, the potted hydrangeas, spring flowers, hedges, chimneys, benches. As a keen gardener of course I was going to love a new garden related event! It was great to add the items into my Sims gardens. I’ve built a few houses on The Sims Freeplay over the past few months so I’ll probably share another one on here soon.


6 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay Two Romantic Garden House Designs

  1. Lisa

    I don’t play The Sims (or any games!) but I’ve watched Flora build things in Minecraft and been awed at what she creates. So massive kudos on what you’ve designed, they look amazing! x

  2. Beka

    I LOVE the Sims! ? I haven’t played it in awhile as I recently got obsessed with Planet Zoo, but I’m so excited by the new Tiny Living pack. I can’t wait to find some free time and get my hands on it! Your houses look so beautiful, and I love the plants either side of the front door on your second house ☺️

    Beka |

    1. Victoria Post author

      Planet Zoo sounds like fun (I used to loveee Zoo Tycoon growing up!) The Tiny Living Stuff pack is great to build with on The Sims 4. Thanks Beka! x

  3. Tqa London

    Looking forward for another one of your house design.
    I play The Sims 4 and my house is so boring and after I read this post, I feel like I should really sit down and upgrade my house. That garden look so lovely!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks, I shared another one on here recently! Enjoy getting creative with your house. x


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