Autumn: The Garden In The Dark

I’m trying out something a little bit different to my usual ‘(insert season here) in the garden’ blog post today… autumn – in the garden, in the dark! Last month I wanted to take a quick photo in the garden when it was dark and decided to use my selfie light, then I thought why not see what a flower comes out like? And loved the result (if you want to see that one it’s on my Instagram) so when I had to go outside for something this evening as it was getting dark I thought I’d try and get a few more photos with my selfie light – this is the result.

Autumn: the garden in the dark, title image - autumn berries
yellow antirrhinums in the dark

It is October and our antirrhinums are still flowering! These are the yellow ones by the backdoor. We’ve also got a whole massive antirrhinum plant down the side that seeded itself.

fuchsia flowers in the dark
pale pink flowers in the dark
pink roses in the dark

Pretty pink roses!

pink flower

One of my favourite photos from this evening, love this flower.

variegated leaves

This one doesn’t even look like it’s that dark, how cool are the variegated leaves though?

Check out my Autumn In The Garden blog post from last year.

Just to note – I only take photos of flowers like this, I wouldn’t use the selfie light to photograph wildlife because while the light isn’t overly bright I wouldn’t want to startle them!

I’m really pleased with how these turned out, have you ever done any photography in the garden in the dark like this before? I’ve also been thinking of getting some clip on lenses for my phone – if you’ve got any recommendations, please do leave them in the comments.


6 responses to “Autumn: The Garden In The Dark”

  1. Wow, these are amazing photos, I can’t believe it’s a selfie light! I’ve never used one because I never take photos of myself but this brings a whole different dimension to garden photos. I’m very tempted to get a selfie light now just for my garden photos too! Thank you so much for sharing, Victoria, this is fab 🙂 Lisa x

  2. I love this idea of taking garden photos in the dark. Honestly, they all turned out great and I think they really highlight the colors of the flowers The variegated leaves look amazing, and I agree, that picture doesn’t look like it was taken in the dark. You definitely need to do more in the dark photos in the future.

    • Thanks Sarah, I’ll definitely have to do more soon, it’s the perfect time of year for this though, now the evenings are getting darker earlier. x

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