25 Things That Make Me Smile Tag

We should all be focusing on the positivity a bit more sometimes, thanks for tagging me to do this post Hayley from Thrice Upon A Dream.

25 things that make me smile

1. Gardening (you already knew that one was going to be on the list didn’t you?!)
2. Wildlife/nature photography and getting *that* perfect photograph (aka one that isn’t out of focus).
3. Reading a great book
4. Trips out with family
5. Watching my favourite TV shows
6. The wildlife that visits the garden from the wild birds to the bats and hedgehogs, it’s like having a mini nature reserve here sometimes and I love it.
7. Pretty sunsets (like in the photo above).
8. Creating a blog post I’m happy with
9. Managing to upload a new video (I know I’ve been a bit slack with this again recently).
10. Getting housework done
11. Trips to the garden centre (new plants – yay!)
12. Playing The Sims 4/The Sims Freeplay and creating houses on them.
13. Listening to music, which for me is pretty much a mixture of either country music or a early 2000s throwback at the moment.
14. Baking, I mean I don’t so much like all the washing up that comes after it but I love creating cakes and biscuits for my parents to enjoy.
15. People when they say lovely things about my photography/art
16. Similarly when people leave lovely comments on my blog or videos <3
17. Going walking in the countryside (or by the sea).
18. Those little moments – the ones where you think yes! I’ve achieved that.
19. Writing a lot of words in one evening (yep this gal is working on not one but two different fiction plots right now).
20. Getting new stationery (definitely a stationery addict over here).
21. Getting liquid eyeliner right first time, the struggle is real haha!
22. Having painted nails, which to be honest hasn’t been very often recently.
23. Fish and chips by the sea
24. Doodling, creating new art
25. Making up poetry that I randomly sing to myself (which I probably should actually write down more often).

So there they are, 25 things that make me smile! Do any of these on my list resonate with you too? I’m tagging – Elle (Elle Goes Global), Pippa (Phigella), Bexa (Hello Bexa), Kat (Addicted to Travel 25), Imogen (Imogen Chloe), Laura (Cornish Maid Blog) and anyone else who wants to join in.


2 responses to “25 Things That Make Me Smile Tag”

  1. I love these kind of post! Building houses on The Sims makes me VERY happy too! I don’t have The Sims on my laptop anymore as my laptop can’t really hold that much and it runs too slow. But when I get a new one, ALL THE SIMS are going on there. I could spend hours building and decorating a house x

    • I actually bought a load of the packs this week (I was only playing with the base game before) it’s so much fun! I love these sorts of posts too. x

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