Summer In The Garden 2019

Okay so we might be very nearly in autumn now but here it is, my summer in the garden blog post, featuring plants, flowers and more general zoomed out photos of the garden than I’ve ever posted on here before… plus a collage of wildlife photos just because.

summer in the garden 2019
summer in the garden, includes a rockery area
summer in the garden - pink flowers
summer in the garden - purple fuchsia
summer in the garden - in daylight and solar lights lit up in the dark

I put a few solar lights in next to the rockery recently (the camper van and car are new additions as well) the lights were on sale, only 75p each from Sainsbury’s, such a bargain! One of the lights isn’t lit up in the second photo, I forgot to turn it on when I was putting them in, it’s working okay now though. There’s a small light up stairway as well which reflects more of a yellowy colour.

summer in the garden - 3 pink flowers, including buddleia
summer in the garden - strawberry solar light lit up in darkness

How cool is this strawberry solar light? We got it from the garden centre a while ago.

summer in the garden - peach roses and fuchsia
sunmmer in the garden - flowers

Love these pink and yellow flowers.

summer in the garden - poppies

We had a lot of wild poppies in our garden this year, they were all along the walled area in the side garden.

summer in the garden - pansies
summer in the garden - purple flowers, 3 photos, includes lavender

A mixture of purple flowers including a photo of one of the lavender plants.

summer in the garden - wildlife collage

A collage of wildlife photos – a young blackbird we nicknamed Speckles, I’m pretty sure it was her that landed on my window one afternoon (second pic from the top left), probably trying to get my attention to put more food out! A couple of sparrows hanging out, a young wood pigeon, speaking of wood pigeons they have recently taken to waiting by the house for dinner, you have to go at their pace (walk very slowly) but even they wait around when we go outside, they can be in the food area not a bit bothered when we go over (it takes a few minutes sometimes just waiting for them to move so we can actually put the food down haha). Speckles flew down to me when I was putting food out the other day as well, they’re so cute. If you look closely at the photo of the grasshopper I think it’s got its tongue sticking out!

summer in the garden - fruit and flowers

We haven’t done that well with our fruit this year, I really don’t know what happened to the gooseberry bush but it seemed to be going over before the fruit was even starting to ripen. Here is a Tayberry though and a couple of other, non-fruit flowers.

summer in the garden, lawn, stepping stones, flower bed, plants

If you’d like to you can check out my Summer In The Garden blog post from last year, I also recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel Summer Garden Vlog, Plants & Wildlife.

What’s been your favourite thing about the outdoors this summer?


6 responses to “Summer In The Garden 2019”

  1. The photos you take of your garden are just incredible, so detailed and I have no idea how you have the patience to capture such good photos of the wildlife! I hope there is going to be an autumn addition!

  2. You take such amazing photos. The colors really pop on all the flowers. Your garden looks great! Love all the bird pictures as well. It’s nice to see the wildlife that comes around as well.

  3. Your garden looks so pretty Victoria! I love all the bright and cheerful flowers! I’m loving the car and camper van plant pots, so fun! Fab photos and you got great pics of the wildlife too, it must be so nice to sit quietly and watch the birds. Great post, looking forward to see how your garden changes in the Autumn <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Thanks Bexa, we might actually be getting a third car/camper van now – since me and mum picked one each, dad’s now said he wants one too! Always love that sort of thing. It is lovely watching the birds. x

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