Hashtags To Promote Your Content On Twitter

A few weeks ago I came across a couple of people asking for a list of hashtag ideas to promote their blog posts on Twitter (ones that do get Retweets) and I said I’d write a blog post on it (…3 weeks later, better late than never right?) so here it is, a list of hashtags you can use to promote your content on Twitter (I’m including hashtags to promote both blog posts and YouTube videos in this post).

Hashtags to promote your content on Twitter

As a content creator hashtags are great to use on Twitter, not only in the hope of getting a Retweet from the main account of a hashtag (the top 2 in my list below Retweet my posts the most but these are also the ones I use the most often) hashtags are also great to give your post more reach from anyone searching that hashtag.

Some of these I use regularly, some I haven’t used in a while (writing this post has reminded me of them) and others I found while doing a quick bit of research for this post. Some hashtags are general and some are niche specific.

General hashtags for bloggers to use on Twitter

#bloggerbabesrt (requires you to follow their account @bloggerbabesrt first for a Retweet)
#teacupclub (their Twitter profile says to follow their account @TeacupClub_ for a Retweet)

Niche specific blogger hashtags

Lifestyle bloggers: #lbloggers
Food bloggers: #foodbloggers
Fashion bloggers: #fbloggers
Beauty bloggers: #bbloggers

Hashtags to promote your YouTube videos

I often use some of the general blogging ones to promote my videos as well, along with these two.


I hope you have found this post helpful, if you haven’t already do check out another blogging related Twitter post I previously posted – Twitter Chats For Bloggers.

Are there any other hashtags you use other than the ones listed here? It’d be great to hear from you in the comments below.


12 responses to “Hashtags To Promote Your Content On Twitter”

  1. I have screenshot those hashtags! Thank you so much for creating this post, Victoria!
    I used to post quite a lot on Twitter but have now sort of strayed away from it and it just isn’t my favourite platform anymore, but I think these hashtags may actually help me get back into finding other bloggers through Twitter!

    • I used to go through hashtags to find other blogs to follow when I started back blogging, they’re great to use to find other people’s posts as well as for promoting your own. x

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