2 Year Blogiversary

So it was two years ago today that I published my first post on here when I returned to blogging, two whole years!

2 Year Blogiversary title image

Naturally some things have changed over time, I thought I might be more of a fashion blogger for example when I first started back but I don’t really post fashion/outfit posts anymore (I say that now, next week I’ll probably be like ooh let’s share this outfit, no really it might happen!) I did do outfit photos a couple of months back that I thought I might use for a blog post but didn’t post it on here in the end, I just shared one photo on Instagram instead. I don’t know if it’s just me but it feels like a whole lot of effort to stand right, make sure my top’s not creased, have correct lighting to get fashionable enough photos to actually share and I just can’t always be bothered. Actually why don’t I share an edit I did of a few of the photos from then? Here you go!

3 outfit photos in 1

The top is from Matalan and the trousers are from M&S.

The flatlay

A quick mention of a few of the items in the flatlay towards the start of the post – the arty looking plate on the left is from M&S, I got it earlier this year and I basically use it as it is now, as a decoration against the wall on my desk (it’s usually a bit further to the left when the other stuff’s on there). The notebook is a Nikki Strange notebook, I got it from Sainsbury’s recently, it’s got such a cute animal print on it, I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it and it was the last one they had left! The lipstick here is one of my faves – it’s a No 7 one in the shade Berry Shine.

My blog in 2019

My blog has definitely kept with the outdoors/gardening style theme over the past couple of years and I’m still continuing with that now because that’s me really, gardening – I was out there the other night as it was getting dark, having to go back out and put stuff away in the actual dark (the iPhone torch comes in very handy sometimes!) but I still love being a lifestyle blogger rather than having a defined niche, I like being able to post a variety of content still which of course does include books and recipes.

You might have noticed I haven’t posted a lot on here recently, it’s been over a month actually since the last time I posted. A lot of the time I just haven’t really felt inspired to post anything to be honest, or when I have I just haven’t got around to it because I’ve been doing other things. Last month was Camp NaNoWriMo so in my spare time I’ve been spending time fiction writing which didn’t give me a lot of time for blog writing.

I’ve also felt like my content has become a bit same-y, like do I really want to do another summer in the garden blog post? Should I? I mean let’s face it, I probably will, I love sharing photos from around the garden (yep, see gardening, I’m mentioning the garden again).

A blog post throwback

If you want to go and see the very first post I shared on here you can find it here – Accessorising With Rose Gold & Pink

5 of my favourite blog posts from the past 2 years:

2 Year Blogiversary - top 5 blog posts

Places To Go Walking: Stover Country Park (October 2017)
10+ Films I Like To Watch (October 2017)
Recipe: Rhubarb & Custard Cakes (April 2018)
The Sims Freeplay – A House & Garden Tour (November 2018)
Autumn In The Garden (November 2018)

Until next time…


8 responses to “2 Year Blogiversary”

  1. Happy blogiversary! It’s good to have you back. Just post what you love to, I always love the garden inspired posts as your photography is always amazing ?

  2. Congrats on two years blogging, Victoria! That’s an awesome achievement! I always love stopping by your blog and having a catch up, your gardening posts are always a favourite, it’s so pretty 🙂 I’m loving the animal print notebook (stationery obsessed!) I would most definitely pick one up too! Wishing you all the best for your third year blogging, looking forward to reading more of your posts! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • Thanks Bexa! It’s great to hear you love stopping by my blog, especially for the garden posts. Hopefully I’ll do an autumn one soon. x

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