Summer Nectarine Dessert

This nectarine dessert is quick and easy to make and perfect for a summer evening. So I decided I wanted something to eat when I came in from gardening and knew I had a nectarine to use up, I didn’t exactly plan let’s do a blog post – I went in the kitchen thinking I’d get myself some nectarine and ice cream in a dish with madeira cake but ended up going all fancy and using this pretty dessert glass from M&S. I thought I may as well turn it into a quick blog post seeing as I haven’t posted on here for a while.

summer nectarine dessert

Ingredients used:

1x Nectarine
Madeira cake
Sainsbury’s Neapolitan Soft Scoop ice cream
Askeys Treat raspberry sauce

How I made it…

I peeled and cut up the nectarine, adding this to the glass first.

nectarine in dessert glass

Next I got a slice of madeira cake, broke it up into a few pieces and added it on top. I added a couple of spoonfuls of Sainsbury’s Neapolitan ice cream, I decided to have a spoonful of both strawberry and vanilla, I then added a bit of raspberry sauce to finish.

summer nectarine dessert with spoon

I love making quick desserts like this, have you made any fun desserts recently?


18 thoughts on “Summer Nectarine Dessert

  1. Elen Mai

    I’ve never thought of having a nectarine as part of a dessert! This looks super refreshing, just what you need in the blazing sun – and it would satisfy my sweet tooth. Perfect! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

  2. Sarah

    Such a simple but delicious looking dessert. I need to give this a try next time I can get my hands on some nectarines.

  3. Kat

    I love the sound of this pudding! Definitely the time of year where puddings are on the increase, especially those that include ice cream

  4. Bexa

    Oh my, what a lovely summery dessert! It looks so tasty and the nectarine must mean it is healthy, right? 😉 Thanks for sharing the recipe Victoria, this is perfect for a refreshing after dinner treat sitting in the garden. Fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Bexa! I definitely love adding summery fruit to desserts this time of year. x


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