Ad | Book Review: Zookeeper by Douglas S. Haynes

Disclosure: I downloaded a copy of this book for free on NetGalley in return for writing an honest review.

Zookeeper is a free verse poem, written by the author to give advice to his daughter starting college, using analogies in nature to impart his advice.

Zookeeper by Douglas S. Haynes book cover

My rating: 4/5


The description of the book intrigued me, as you probably already know if you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while I love nature and the natural world so when I went on NetGalley and saw this book the other day I knew it was one I wanted to read.

For a book it is very short (it took me around 5 minutes to read it) but it’s got this great mix of words and illustrations that relate to them as you scroll through the pages. The words have real meaning behind them, from nature to real life, it really does give you a positive message. I love the cover of the book too and the illustrations inside it are brilliant.

Why not check out the trailer for the book below…

If you would like to find out more and find out where you can buy a copy of your own, check out the publishers page for the book – Zookeeper.


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