Spring Flowers In The Garden 2019

It’s spring which means it’s gardening weather again, yay! Last year I did a spring in the garden blog post but didn’t post it until towards the end of spring whereas this year I’ve decided to do a post a lot nearer to the start of spring… so, on with the spring photos.

blossom bush, a close-up of the blossom
small blossom
grape hyacinth and other yellow flowers plus bluebell leaves
pink flowers
orange flowers
purple crocuses

One of the many recent additions to our garden are these crocuses, we’ve also had yellow and white ones out in flower which were from the same set of bulbs.

4 flower photos in 1, including rhododendron and camellia flowers

The top left photo is of rhododendron flowers, the bottom right is a camellia flower. The bottom left photo is actually a wild flower/weed but it looked pretty so I’m sharing it here… the top right photo, I’m not too sure what flower that actually is.

2 photos in 1 - starling and a sparrow

… And what is a garden blog post without a photo of some wildlife? Here’s a starling and a sparrow. You can see some pretty beetroot/purple edged leaves in the background of the starling too.

Unlike last year, this year there’s more general maintenance that needs doing rather than massive overhauling of a lot of different areas around the garden. I still can’t believe how much we did in such a short space of time, laying so many bags of stone chipping last year! I was out there this afternoon actually trimming back the passionflower ready for it to start growing again. I took a look at the Hollyhock as well and there’s some leaves looking like they’re starting to grow (it got so tall last year!) I love spring.

3 photos in 1 of gardening/the garden

That is the passionflower on the fence at the back… the middle photo is of the passionflower that got trimmed (very much overflowing the yellow bucket, I basically carried most of it to the bin without the bucket) then the third photo is of the back garden. The lawn got mowed for the first time this year a couple of weeks ago!

If you’d like to check out last years post you can find it here – Spring In The Garden. What’s your favourite spring bulb/plant/flower?

spring flowers in the garden 2019

10 thoughts on “Spring Flowers In The Garden 2019

  1. Brooklyn

    Oh I am loving Spring this year!
    You’re so lucky to have such gorgeous flowers around you. I love walking around checking out the cherry blossoms!

  2. Sarah

    Dang, look at all those flowers! I’m not the biggest fan of flowers, but I do love that initial spring bloom. We are still dealing with winter weather here, but it’s slowly starting to warm up and melt, so I can’t wait to see things popping up in the coming weeks/months.

    1. Victoria Post author

      It’s always lovely when blooms start to appear and things start flowering in spring after winter.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Jenny, ooh this has made me think of maybe doing a beginner’s guide to gardening post at some point, if people might find that useful?

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Bexa, I absolutely love spring too! I think we may have skipped spring and gone straight to summer today though, the weather has been lovely here.


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