Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Lena from Our Chaotic Mess who nominated me for this award, you can check out her post here.

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♥ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their post
♥ Answer the 11 questions they asked you
♥ Come up with your own 11 questions
♥ Nominate 11 bloggers and make sure to tell them you nominated them

Questions Lena asked me

What’s your favourite non-blog website? I’d have to say Twitter probably.

Why did you begin blogging? I’ve blogged on and off for so long but the reasons I returned to it are, 1. I missed it and 2. I love creating content!

If you could vacation to anywhere and money wasn’t an issue where would you go and why? I’d love to visit America and go shopping in New York!

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong decade? If so, which decade do you think you belong in? I actually feel like I was born in the right decade, 80s baby but 90s kid!

Do you have any tips for keeping your content new and exciting? If you want to blog about something, blog about it, don’t make yourself feel too constricted within your own niche.

What has been your toughest aspect of blogging? I’m someone who is usually more productive in the evening but in the winter (you know where I’m going with this right?) dark evenings and photography don’t really go very well together, but yay it’s coming on spring now!

What is your favourite trait about yourself? My ability to learn new things quickly.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 16 year old self? Stop worrying (no, 30 year old me hasn’t quite figured that out yet either).

What are three words you would say describe you and why? Creative because I love creating things whether it’s art, writing, or creating blog posts, eclectic because I love a lot of different things – I’ve got a lot of hobbies and autodidact (okay, I better explain that last one) it means self-taught.

What would your perfect day look like? Road triiip, or basically a day out somewhere.

How do you stay organized between blog, school, life, etc? My blog is one of my main focuses right now so I don’t really have too many issues staying organised.

My questions

What is your favourite type of blog post to write?
Are you a Monday or a Friday person?
If you weren’t blogging what would you be doing instead as a hobby/job?
How many blog posts do you have saved as drafts right now?
What is your favourite flower/plant?
What’s your favourite song/album right now?
Do you prefer to eat out (eg. at a restaurant) or order a takeaway?
What’s been your favourite blog post you’ve ever written on your blog? (Link it!)
Name one film you love to watch again and again?
What is your favourite season?
What is your favourite genre to read?

Blogs I am nominating

Elle (Elle Goes Global), Pippa (Phigella), Jay (Bearded Igor Blogs), Laura (Cornish Maid Blog), Imogen (Imogen Chloe), Estelle (Estellosaurus), Kat (Addicted to Travel 25), Jenny (Jenny in Neverland), Bexa (Hello Bexa), Stacey (Simply Stacey), Sarah (Insecure Housewife).

Once again thanks for nominating me Lena and I look forward to reading your posts guys!


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