Ad | Book Review: An Abiding Fire by M.J. Logue

Disclaimer: I was gifted an eBook copy of this book in return for an honest review as part of the blog tour for this book.

A murder mystery set in a historical time; this book is set in Restoration London in 1664, Major Thankful Russel has a new bride, Thomazine but rumours start circulating that he’s committed murder, more than once as someone is out to try and destroy his reputation around London. Who is it behind the rumours and can he and his new wife salvage his reputation?

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My rating: 4/5


Except for reading some classics a few years ago, historical fiction isn’t something I normally read, but when I got offered an eBook copy of this book to review I thought the plot line sounded interesting and decided to give it a read. I’m glad I did!

The book had a good steady pace to it that makes you want to read on to see what is going to happen next. I found it such an easy read, to the point I read the last 25% of the book in one evening. The historical notes at the back of the book were a great read too, very interesting.

I loved the characters of Thomazine, Russel and Jane Bartholomew, Gillespie was an interesting character too. I also loved how Russel nicknamed Thomazine tibber, I thought that was cute.

The whole story was well written, as were the characters, it made you guess right to the end just what was going on to make the main character be accused of murder (I’m not revealing any big spoilers here) I did kinda guess who it might be before it was revealed but what a showdown it turned into! I thought the ending was great too.

This is a book that I’d recommend others to read, especially if you love historical fiction. You can buy a copy of this book from Amazon.

About the author

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M. J. Logue (as in cataLOGUE and epiLOGUE and not, ever, loge, which is apparently a kind of private box in a theatre) wrote her first short novel on a manual typewriter aged seven. It wasn’t very good, being about talking horses, but she made her parents sit through endless readings of it anyway.

Thirty-something years later she is still writing, although horses only come into it occasionally these days. Born and brought up in Lancashire, she moved to Cornwall at the turn of the century (and has always wanted to write that) and now lives in a granite cottage with her husband, and son, five cats, and various itinerant wildlife.

After periods of employment as a tarot reader, complaints call handler, executive PA, copywriter and civil servant, she decided to start writing historical fiction about the period of British history that fascinates her – the 17th century.

Her first series, covering the less than stellar career of a disreputable troop of Parliamentarian cavalry during the civil wars, was acclaimed by reviewers as “historical fiction written with elegance, wit and black humour” – but so many readers wanted to know whether fierce young lieutenant Thankful Russell ever did get his Happy Ever After, that the upcoming series of romantic thrillers for Sapere Books began.

Get in touch with MJ

She can be found on Twitter @Hollie_Babbitt, lurking on the web at, and posting photos of cake, cats and extreme embroidery on Instagram as @asweetdisorder.


6 thoughts on “Ad | Book Review: An Abiding Fire by M.J. Logue

  1. Shelby

    This doesn’t sound like a book is typically pick up, but by your review and reading the synopsis – it actually sounds like a really good read! Glad you enjoyed it x

  2. Brooklyn

    I love historical fiction novels, so this sounds like a must read to me! And finishing the last quarter in s night must mean it was good!

    1. Victoria Post author

      I wasn’t expecting to read that much in one go, I was thinking oh I’ll read up to 85% and finish it another day but I just kept reading, the result of a good book!

  3. Haley

    I love mystery/murder books and I can never say no to a good historical fiction book so I’m already like ‘all the yes’ to this book! I’m glad you enjoyed it, sounds like a fun read!


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