Trying Out M&S Autograph Make Up

I’ve been wanting to try out new foundation recently and a couple of weeks ago mum said she’d get me some new make up products so when we went to Marks & Spencer I thought I’d try the foundation in their Autograph range, their cosmetics were on 3 for 2 so I ended up getting a foundation and a face palette along with a bronzer/highlighter.

make up products including M&S Autograph products plus a Spectrum Mean Girls make up brush

So then I thought I’d share with you the make up look I did today using Autograph and other make up products.

trying out M&S autograph make up products - a make up look

Autograph products:

Hydrating Confidence Boost Foundation (in the shade Ivory)
Create The Look Palette
Face Definition Duo (bronzing & highlighting powder)

Other make up products used:

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer (Fair)
NYX Land of Lollies Blush (Lollipop Hop)
Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner (Blackest Black)
No7 Dramatic Lift mascara (Black)
No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil (Brown)
No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil (Purple)

The only product not in the photo is the No7 brow palette, I did use the powder in this as well as the pencil which is in the photo. I also used No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer before adding any other make up.

I really love these products from Autograph, the foundation says it is buildable and it absolutely is, you put it on your face and feel like your blemishes are fading away without feeling like you’re caking yourself in product. It has a very lightweight feel!

M&S Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Foundation (Ivory)

Now on to the face palette – I used the second eyeshadow down on the first row (Nutmeg) and the third one down on the fourth row (Copper) they mixed really well together. I also used the lip product from this palette as well, the fourth one down on the first row (Pink Parfait).

M&S Autograph Create The Look Palette – face palette

I’m not always very keen on using lip products in palettes like this, I find them tricky to apply but even though the brush felt a little bit stiff it went on easily and lasted well – it was still on there for me to finish taking photos of my make up look after I’d had lunch, no topping up required!

The Face Definition Duo is a lovely highlighter/bronzer palette as well. I did find the bronzer going around the edge of the palette a bit but that can happen sometimes.

M&S Autograph Face Definition Duo – bronzing & highlighting powder

I also used my Spectrum Mean Girls make-up brush for the first time today (I got this in a set for my birthday) it’s so soft! I used this to apply both the bronzer and highlighter.

3 photos in 1 - trying out M&S Autograph make up products

Have you used any Marks & Spencer Autograph make up before?


4 responses to “Trying Out M&S Autograph Make Up”

  1. I’m yet to try anything from Autograph makeup! I have heard good things about M&S makeup though and the packaging is very sleek and cute! I love the look you’ve done, it’s really natural and looks lovely on you! 🙂
    Alice Xx

    • I love their Limited Collection make up as well, the packaging these came in is great too. Thanks Alice! x

  2. I’ve never tried (or even heard of to be perfectly honest!) these products but I love the sound of that foundation. I’d probably also use the Ivory shade and I think a hydrating foundation would work much better on my skin!

    Jenny in Neverland

    • The other day I actually forgot to put moisturiser on my skin before applying make up, just primer and it still felt good so the hydrating bit must work well!

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