Recipe: Custard Covered Birthday Cake

So for my birthday last month mum made me a cake using various food items (I’ve added a photo of that at the bottom of this post) then I thought I’d have a go at making a cake for her birthday this month which is what I did here… I decided to get creative with custard for this one (along with adding a couple of other toppings) and I thought I’d share the recipe for it on my blog, so here it is, a recipe for a custard covered birthday cake.

recipe - custard covered birthday cake

I used half the amount of mixture I’d normally use to make the sponge cakes because I only wanted enough to fill 2 mini loaf tins.

Ingredients used:

For the cake –
47g Caster sugar
50g salted butter
50g self-raising flour
1 egg
Some 1% milk

For the topping –
A pot of Ambrosia strawberry custard
A pot of plain custard
Dolly Mixtures sweets (Sainsbury’s)
White chocolate stars (Sainsbury’s)


I was baking this after 9pm and didn’t want a whole load of washing up to do so I basically measured and mixed everything in the same bowl (the one that goes on the scales!) I added the butter and sugar, mixed them together then added the egg (using an electric whisk to mix this) then I added the flour, stirred that in, added the milk and stirred that in as well, resetting the scales between every measurable ingredient.

Preheat the oven to 190c.

After greasing 2 mini loaf tins using butter and flour, I added the mixture into each tin and baked the cakes in the oven for 15 minutes… then waited until the next day (mum’s birthday) to decorate them.

recipe for custard covered birthday cake - 2 mini loaf cakes

I only made a small version of a cake because I wanted us to be able to eat it all in one go, especially since I was adding custard to it.

The first thing I did the next day was cut the top off of both cakes so it they had a smoother, flatter edge, then I turned them upside down.

For decorating I used 2 pots of custard, one strawberry and one plain, some Dolly Mixture and white chocolate stars. The Happy Birthday sign is a tradition of ours that we add to cakes that don’t already have Happy Birthday on for our birthdays!

stripes of strawberry & plain custard on 2 mini loaf cakes

I really wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, custard is obviously pretty liquid-y so I wasn’t sure if it was just going to end up one big mess trying to add stripes of custard across the cakes, but using small spoons (I actually used those purple ones you get in the seasonal Cadbury items) I used one for each pot of custard, they’re so useful! I then added extra strawberry custard round the outside of the cakes and between the cakes to make it one overall cake. I added some Dolly Mixtures around the edge and white chocolate stars on top, as well as the Happy Birthday sign.

Here is the one mum made me, one way up it looked like an alien but when I first saw it, it was the other way round on the worktop and instantly I thought it looked like a rabbit, so hey alien rabbit… How cute is it?!

alien-rabbit birthday cake made using various food items

Mum absolutely loved the cake I made though which of course I was very pleased about. We shared out the rest of the custard and spare pieces of cake I’d cut off of the two cakes between us, so none of that went to waste.

Do you enjoy making cakes for birthdays? Don’t forget to save this on Pinterest if you’d like to!

recipe for custard covered birthday cake by Victoria Austin

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Custard Covered Birthday Cake

  1. Elaine

    My husband and I aren’t huge cake fans, so I haven’t made a cake in ages. That doesn’t mean I don’t like looking at cakes though! I love how the one you made looks like it took such a long time to make! Very professional! And the one your mom made for you is really adorable.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Elaine! Once I got the gist of putting the custard on it, it didn’t actually take too long (the key is definitely to use small spoons).


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