Disney Mickey Mouse Stationery From Primark

Primark have got a lovely range of Mickey Mouse homeware and stationery in at the moment and my parents got me 3 of the stationery items for my birthday which was great. I actually chose them myself beforehand, I had only planned to get maybe one or two but then I ended up getting these three, I wandered round the store with all three of them fully expecting to put at least one back but when it came to going to the till I didn’t want to leave any of them behind so got all three! Mickey Mouse (and Minnie Mouse for that matter) are two of my favourite Disney characters plus I absolutely love pale pink and grey so this stationery is perfect for me, it’s just so cute.

Disney Mickey Mouse stationery items from Primark

I’d usually get photos before taking everything out of it’s packaging to show each set separately on here but I opened them before I’d done any photos so I thought I’d do a flatlay like this instead. The three bigger notebooks were in one set and the pen on the left was in another one then the rest of the stationery was in a different set.

Disney Mickey Mouse notebooks from Primark
Disney Mickey Mouse stationery items from Primark - a close-up

You get a good selection of items in the bigger set – pencils, a pen, ruler, clips, magnets, to name a few of the items, they all make perfect desk accessories. I haven’t really got anything to put the magnets on in my room but I’ll probably put them on the fridge downstairs. I’d been looking to get a shorter ruler to use in my journal so it’s great this set has got one in.

Disney Mickey Mouse stationery items from Primark - includes a close-up of 3 magents
Disney Mickey Mouse stationery from Primark - another close-up

Have you bought any of the Disney Mickey Mouse products from this range at Primark?


16 thoughts on “Disney Mickey Mouse Stationery From Primark

  1. Selena

    I absolutely adore this set!! I haven’t buckled and bought any yet but I keep thinking how it’d be perfect for Disney trip planning every time I see it. I might have to buckle and get some. It ticks all of my boxes – pink. gold, marble and Disney! Maybe I should buy some for my blog notes etc since I don’t have any Disney trips lined up for a while (boo).

  2. michelle

    you really can’t get any better then disney and stationary being put together. add in the pale
    pink and just wow home run! your photography of each product is amazing as well! I don’t have primary near me but the next time i’m by one i’ll have to see if they have these xx

    mich / simplymich.com

    1. Victoria Post author

      I think this is one of the best stationery ranges I’ve ever seen from them. I would have bought the cushion from their homeware range as well if I didn’t already have enough cushions (I literally have a pile of cushions balanced on a storage stool right now!)

  3. Brittaney Penney

    These are stunning! I love all things Disney and wish I had a Primark close to me in Texas, so I could get some. I might just have to get my dad to go to his local Primark in London and buy some stuff for me to get when I finally am able to visit again.

    xx, Brittaney | TheDecemberEdit.com

  4. Alice

    I would’ve done the exact same thing as you and ended up putting everything in my basket. All of this stationery is SO me I can’t even believe it, my bedroom is pink and grey themed so it would all go so well! And I’m such a big Disney fan, it’s all so perfect. I absolutely love some of the ranges Primark are bringing out lately, they’re always upping their game! x

    Alice // http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

    1. Victoria Post author

      You totally should, I’m not sure how much longer this lot is going to be around though, it’s been in there a while.


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