Blogmas | Christmas Decorations 2018

Most of the decorations in my room are the same ones as last year but some of them have been put in different places, one notable difference as well is the lack of tinsel on my Christmas tree (I know! No tinsel??) I decided to decorate it a bit differently this year.

Christmas decorations - cubes, desk, chairs & other decor.

My chair is usually where the Christmas tree is so I moved it over to this side of the room again to accommodate the Christmas tree, having the chair this side makes it feel a lot more cosy I think. I really like how I’ve got this area with the Christmas decorations as well this year (and of course the two advent calendars on my desk!)

Christmas tree and penguin Christmas decoration

The Christmas tree with the (very cute!) penguin decoration next to it. I did get a new ornament for my tree this year, the rose gold star from Primark (you can just about see it in this photo – it’s on the left-hand side towards the top of the tree).

Fairy on top of the Christmas tree

The fairy on top of my Christmas tree.

Reindeer Christmas bedding on my bed, photo also includes a chair, bean bag and bedside cabinet

My new reindeer bedding is from Primark, it’s the first brushed cotton bedding I’ve had as well, how cute are the reindeers?!

Christmas tree bauble ornament on cabinet

The Christmas tree bauble ornament, with tinsel that I’ve put round a canvas print on my wall next to it.

View across from my bed, Christmas tree, window

This was the view across from my bed yesterday evening, the clouds were moving past the window pretty quickly as it was getting dark. I’d had the blinds up like this to try and get better light when taking the photos.

If you want to you can check out the blog post I did last year full of Christmas decorations – Blogmas | Christmas Trees & Decorations.


2 thoughts on “Blogmas | Christmas Decorations 2018

  1. Bexa

    I love your room, it is so cosy and festive Victoria! The desk in the corner is so cute and well organised. Aww, the reindeer duvet is adorable and the little Christmas tree is so pretty as well. Such a nice, inviting, cosy space, thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas lovely! <3 xx

    Bexa |


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