Blogmas | DIY – Create Your Own 3D Christmas Tree Card

Card making is something I absolutely love doing and have done for a while now so what better time to get creative with making cards than at Christmas.

Handmade 3D Christmas tree Christmas card - a flatlay

Please note these photos aren’t all from the same card, I made a few of them!

I started off by folding a piece of green card in half and drew half a Christmas tree on the folded side.

I then unfolded the card (you only want to cut into one half of it) and using a craft knife I cut along the outline of what I’d just drawn *important* make sure you have something underneath where you’re cutting – a proper cutting board would be good but I improvised and used an old TV guide on top of my lap tray for this.

Once I’d done this I refolded the card and cut around the right hand edge of the tree, leaving about a cm gap to make it more tree shaped.

the handmade 3D Christmas tree card topper

Next you need to glue it to a piece of folded card that you’re using to make the card – I used white card for this, now here’s the tricky bit, which part you need to glue! I thought the easiest way to explain this would be to annotate the photo. Also, put it where you want it on the card before you glue it, that also might help visualise which parts need the glue!

Now you need to stick it onto the card – some areas might need a bit of extra glue if you miss a bit (I did more than once).

3D Christmas tree stuck on card

Now you can add other decorations to the card…

I used a snowflake craft punch from Hobbycraft (which I also used last year to create these gift tags – Blogmas | Making Christmas Gift Tags) to create the snowflakes with blue card which I glued onto the card.

I also glued ribbon onto the card and added a few adhesive gems as well as the gold lettering which was also bought from Hobbycraft along with the various card toppers in the flatlay in the first image above, I’m not sure where the ribbon is from, we’ve had that for a while.

What do you guys think? Is this something you’d like to try making?


30 thoughts on “Blogmas | DIY – Create Your Own 3D Christmas Tree Card

  1. Sarah

    Oh, this card looks neat. I want to do homemade Christmas cards and this tutorial was perfect! Going to have to give these a try once I gather up some materials.

  2. Lauren

    I used to make Christmas cards and birthday cards as my mum is a bit of a crafting guru and we had so many things to use. She loved the crafting buying channel ??. I would love to find time to make Christmas and birthday cards again. This idea is so cute, thank you for sharing xx

  3. Laura

    These look amazing! I am definitely going to have a go at making my own cards next year! This year I have bought charity cards for people at work and special cards for family members and close friends and my boyfriend. I really need to be more creative! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  4. Bexa

    This looks amazing Victoria, it is so cute and creative! I love the snowman ribbon too! You have made the Christmas tree look so easy, I really want to give this a try sometime. Thank you for sharing, I love seeing other’s festive crafts! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Victoria Post author

      It was one of those things that seemed easy but needed a lot of concentration not to cut or glue the wrong part haha! Thanks Bexa. x

  5. Annie

    Card making is so fun! I have a lot more crafty bits and pieces this year so I’m definitely going to go all out on the decorations! This DIY is super cute! Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Been buying more craft supplies this year too, always so many cute crafting supplies in the shops! Thanks Annie. x

  6. Imogen Chloe

    That’s such a simple but effective way to spread Christmas cheer, I love making Christmas cards – this year my parents have even used one of my photographs on the Christmas cards!


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