Autumn In The Garden

I thought it was about time I did an autumn in the garden blog post, I did do a post full of photos of autumn plants last year, you can find that here – Autumn-ful Of Photos. This year my post is going to be focused more on plants generally around the garden this autumn rather than just sharing photos with an autumn aesthetic… though some photos do of course still have that too.

Autumn in the garden

purple palm plant with autumn leaves

This purple palm plant is one of my favourites, how cool does it look with the autumn leaves in the background.

purple geranium

The purple geranium that was still out in flower last month.

Tubful of orange autumn flowers

A tubful of autumn flowers, how cute are they?!

wild mushroom

The blossom bush appears to have gained a wild mushroom next to it, I thought this one looked pretty cool so I decided to get a photo of it.

autumn leaves with blue sky in the background

Autumn looking leaves (on the blossom bush) with blue sky in the background. Autumn leaves are one of my favourite things about autumn and I love how this photo turned out.

pink flowers - including a rose

A couple of pretty pink flowers, a rose that was still flowering last month and one that looks like a mini camellia?

three photos of autumn berries

The most berry filled set of pictures of this blog post. Random fact of our garden – the bottom left one is nicknamed bad hair day because it always grows a bit wild!

a berry plant and in the background a photo of the blossom bush in autumn

At the front of the picture is one of the more recent additions to the garden – a berry plant and the picture behind it is of the blossom bush, it’s lost all it’s leaves now.

mauve and purple flowers

On the left is some small mauve flowers currently out in flower. Also, the top right photo – I included this plant in a blog post back in the summer – Summer In The Garden they’re still out in flower now. Wow! I absolutely love these. Bottom right – wait, whaaat? There’s blossom out in November?!

in the garden - in the process of laying paving slabs in the lawn

Photos from when I was laying paving slabs in the lawn in the garden in October. I don’t really know what I’m doing in the top right photo haha.

view across the garden

…And a photo looking across the garden. The quality of this photo isn’t the best, I was randomly taking a photo of the wood-pigeon that came down for food while I was out there getting a photo of the mushroom but I kinda like how it turned out with the branches going across the photo so I thought I’d add it into this blog post.

What’s your favourite thing about autumn in the garden?


14 responses to “Autumn In The Garden”

  1. Victoria, this is lovely! That purple plant at the beginning of your post looks stunning against the backdrop of the fallen leaves. I have some purple geranium nodosum too, they are so pretty and so hardy, a perfect plant and forget about flower. Your rose and camellia are gorgeous, so bright and colourful, and your berried plants are wonderful. I bet the garden birds love your garden too, especially the bad hair day part 🙂 Thank you for sharing such lovely photos! x

    Lisa |

    • Thanks Lisa, yep the garden birds do love it. The rose plants did really well this year, so many flowers.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. I love that purple palm plant, I need to add something like that in my garden – though I’m not sure if it would like the cold temperatures here.

    • As far as I know the greener ones do better in harsher weather conditions, I know our one went a bit off colour when we had snow earlier in the year. Thanks Sarah!

    • I think it actually surprised me when I went round taking photos just how vibrant the colours have still been this autumn. Thanks Jenny!

  3. Wow Victoria, your garden is beautiful! I love the purple palm plant, it is so vibrant and pretty especially with the Autumn leaves. The pink flowers are so gorgeous too! You have such a lovely garden, thank you for sharing <3 xx

    Bexa |

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