The Sims Freeplay – A House & Garden Tour

As you guys probably already know The Sims Freeplay is one of my favourite games to play, I posted an apartment tour on here a while ago which you can find here – The Sims Freeplay Apartment Layout Design but today I’m going to be doing a house and garden tour! The garden part of the tour features some of the items from the recent Brilliant Backyards live event.

The Sims Freeplay house & garden layout

I think this is one of my most favourite house/garden layouts I’ve ever done on The Sims Freeplay, I seem to be getting a lot more creative with my house decor choices at the moment as well.

So this house has a lounge/kitchen area, a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and a utility room.

The Sims Freeplay house tour - lounge/kitchen area

The Sims Freeplay house tour - bedroom/dressing room

The Sims Freeplay house tour - utility room

The Sims Freeplay house tour - bathroom

I was genuinely excited when the laundry event returned so I could get the washing machine and tumble dryer in my game! Also can I have a copper coloured bath like this in real life please?! I absolutely love the pineapple lamps and pink bed too (I love how the frame reflects the light in the game!) Another of my favourite things is the pots and pans hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen as well as of course the pink stools.

…And the garden areas, first we have the side garden and then the rest of the back garden.

The Sims Freeplay side garden layout

The Sims Freeplay garden close-up

How cool is the bird house? I love little things like that in the game.

The Sims Freeplay garden layout - another pic

I really like the red grasses in the garden as well (we have a few blue ones in our own garden!) This sim garden even has a pizza oven – pizza, yum!

Oh and meet sim Rosie Kay who lives there… The hair envy is real!

The Sims Freeplay house & garden tour - a sim

What do you think of this house and garden layout design?


8 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay – A House & Garden Tour

  1. Jenny in Neverland

    I love this! You’ve desperately made me want to play Sims now and it’s taking everything in my power to not give up on work and start building houses haha! I love the little garden area, that’s really cute!

  2. Simply Stacey

    Love the design! I couldn’t get in with freeplay but will try again. I have Sims on the PC though which I love, my favourite is building.

    Stacey xx

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Stacey! I used to play the PC version too (back in the days of The Sims 2) but the latest one wouldn’t work on my computer. 🙁


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