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I got gifted an awesome box full of lovely make-up products in the post from Soap & Glory PR a couple of weeks ago as part of their #BABESOFGLORY campaign. Thanks so much Soap & Glory! It felt just like Christmas when I opened it to find all these lovely make-up products inside.

Soap & Glory Glitz The Season Christmas gift sets

Included in it was a booklet of all the different Glitz The Season gift sets Soap & Glory are doing this year, from skincare to make-up there are a lot of lovely products in their range this year! And here are the make-up ones I received…

She’s So Lippy (£10)

Soap & Glory She's So Lippy Christmas gift set

A set of three mini Spectaculips Matte-allic Lip Creams in the shades Pink Charming, Bronze Girl and Gold Dusk. Wow these are brilliant! I did a quick swatch so you could see what the colours look like (in the same order as shown in the image above from L-R) and I’ve already given the bronze one a try, I’ve not used any metallic style lip glosses like this before but I’m really impressed. I really like the gold stars on the packaging as well.

Soap & Glory She's So Lippy Lip Creams - includes swatches

Soap & Glory Glitz The Girl Christmas gift set

Glitz The Girl (£8.50)

In this set you get a mini Spectaculips Matte-allic Lip Cream in the shade Pink Charming and a mini Crazy Sexy Kohl eyeliner in the shade Smoulder along with a Goldy-Luxe Golden Face Glitter Gel! Face glitter? This is totally perfect for wearing over the festive season! And you guys know I love eyeliner, I wore this one for the first time today, I love how easy it is to apply, it almost felt like I was applying a pen eyeliner because it went on so easily.

Soap & Glory Just The Highlights palette

Just The Highlights (£14)

This palette includes a Pink About It cream blusher, One Heck of a Blot primer and a 3-step highlighting kit. I love a good palette and this one looks fab! I used the primer and blusher today, they’re both great, I love the pinkness of the blusher.

Soap & Glory Merry Kiss-Much Christmas gift set

Merry Kiss-Much (£6)

In this one you get a Crazy Sexy Kohl eyeliner in Smoulder and a Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Cream in the shade Plums Up. You could almost want to hang this one up as a decoration with the gold tie it has on it and yay to another eyeliner!

Which one would you most like to receive in your Christmas stocking this year?


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