Creating A Wall Hanging For Badges

A week or so ago I made a wall hanging for my badges, since I’ve got quite a few now I thought they’d look great together on my wall like this.

a wall hanging with various badges on it

It’s been a while since I last used my sewing machine and when I say a while, I mean about 5 years! It was great to get it out and use it again though.

To make this I used a piece of material which came in a set from Hobbycraft that I bought last year, it’s by the brand The Craft Cotton Co.

The material had been a bit creased where it had been folded but this piece had already been ironed a while ago in preparation for making cushions (which I’ve still not made yet!) I’ve still got plenty of material to make them though with the other pieces in the set.

I started off by folding the material in half and cut a small amount off of one end to make it look more square.

I then folded a cm or two of material each side (except for the folded side) and pinned and tacked along those three edges.

sewing machine, wall hanging about to be stitched

After tacking I sewed each side using the sewing machine, including the side that was folded at the start, I thought it would look neater with the stitching going along all of the edges.

wall hanging

To hang it I got a length of wool and tied it around 2 pegs, which I then attached to the material and hung it over 2 hooks on the wall.

I decided to hang it on the wall between my cubes and desk. On it is a mixture of badges I’ve bought over the past year or so – Disney ones from Primark (I previously blogged about them here – Trip To Plymouth & A Primark Haul), a Live Colourfully badge from Jemma at Dorkface and various button badges from Ellis at Pastel Elixir (again, I blogged about them here – A Haul Full Of Unicorns & Other Cute Items). I’m hoping to buy more badges to add to it soon.

wall hanging, prints & other decor

What do you guys think? Have you ever made a wall hanging like this before?


12 thoughts on “Creating A Wall Hanging For Badges

  1. Elle

    I like you haven’t used my sewing machine in years – this post has made me think I should get it back out again! Thanks for sharing

    1. Victoria Post author

      It’s definitely great when making something with material (saves time trying to hand sew!) Totally glad I got mine out again.

  2. Jenny in Neverland

    This is so cute! My textiles skills are something to be desired but I’ve been thinking of starting to collect pins for AGES now but my main setback is where I’d put them! But hanging something like this on my wardrobe maybe would be perfect. I love your Disney pins!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Jenny, I definitely think it’s a great way of displaying them, I want to collect more now!

  3. Sarah

    What a great little project and a perfect way to show off your badges. I just got rid of my sewing machine, because I owned it for five years and never used it, but now I regret that decision because I keep seeing so many neat sewing projects.

    1. Victoria Post author

      It must be 5 years since I last used mine (though I had used it then!) ahh that’s not good then now you want to make stuff.


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