Recipe: 3 Mini Apple & Cinnamon Loaf Cakes & Apple Cakes

I thought this would be a suitably themed autumn bake – a recipe for apple and cinnamon loaf cakes! 3 mini apple & cinnamon loaf cakes plus 5 small apple cakes.

mini apple & cinnamon loaf cakes and apple cakes


95g caster sugar
100g butter
100g self-raising flour + extra
2 (large) eggs
Some semi-skimmed milk
Freshly cooked apple
Ground cinnamon


Schwartz ground cinnamon and 2 Cox apples

Before I started making the cake mixture I cooked a couple of (peeled & sliced) apples on the hob so the apple would be freshly cooked and ready to add to the cake mixture.

Stir together the butter and sugar in a bowl then add the eggs and mix it all together with a whisk. Add the flour and stir that in with a spoon. Add a small amount of milk and stir that in also.

Preheat the oven to 190c.

Add some of the apple (the less water the better) into the cake mixture and stir it in, making sure it’s all nicely mixed in and not huge blobs of apple everywhere… be careful it’s not too hot though if you’ve just cooked yours like I did. I didn’t add all of the apple from both apples into the mixture, some was kept to eat later. At this point the mixture started to separate a bit so I basically tipped some flour in and mixed it together until I was happy with the consistency of it again (which is why I put + extra in the ingredients list) then you can either add the cinnamon to all of the mixture or just part of it.

I didn’t put cinnamon in the smaller cakes because my mum really doesn’t like cinnamon so I made some plainer apple cakes that she could eat.

For the amount of cinnamon I’d say just tip a bit in until you’re happy with the amount – not too much though!

ground cinnamon in apple cake mixture

Grease the tins (once again I used butter and flour) and add the mixture to the tins and cases – I don’t know if you can really tell in the photos but I did add the apple cake mix into green cases, green for apples, which wasn’t actually something I did intentionally.

cake mixture in mini loaf tins and cake cases on baking tray

I put all the tins and cases on one tray and placed that in the oven (I thought it would be easier than putting the loaf tins in separately) so obviously the smaller cakes cooked quicker and needed to be removed from the oven first. The small cakes took around 18 minutes and the mini loaf cakes around 20 minutes so not too much difference.

There might have been 4 mini apple & cinnamon loaf cakes but (there really should be an outtake section in blog posts) I managed to drop one of the tins upside down on the washing up cloth after I’d buttered and floured it so didn’t feel happy to just put the mixture in that one after that! Also, when I was measuring out the sugar the scales switched off partway through so I had to quickly tip it in another dish then back in the measuring dish to start again… baking isn’t without it’s dramas haha!

I may have added a bit of icing sugar on top of them but we were going out for a chippy dinner and there wasn’t really time before I left the house – I was only getting them out of the tins just minutes before I walked out the door and we ate them soon after we got back, they made a great pudding.

apple and cinnamon mini loaf cakes fresh out of the oven

I really like how these turned out, my parents did too – my dad basically said you can’t improve on perfection and he’s really fussy with food so I’m very pleased with that feedback!

Do you like baking or cooking with apple and cinnamon?


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  1. Apple and cinnamon the most perfect flavour combo for this time of year!!! I am going to go make autumnal inspired cakes immediately

    • Thanks Pippa, I agree apples aren’t easy – like other fruit they’re sooo liquidy, I was convinced it would fail at one point but chucking flour at it worked.

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