The Autumn Tag

I discovered this tag over on Hollie’s blog, Beauty and the Bookshelves (you can find her post here) and since autumn is one of my favourite seasons (after spring) I thought I’d join in with this one too.

autumn tag, orange berries

1. What signifies the start of autumn for you? When the leaves start changing colour and they start getting their orange/yellow/red hues, that’s when it really starts feeling like autumn for me.

2. What is your favourite fall scent? This one is going to have to be food related and very much cinnamon! I never used to like it that much but it’s one of my favourite things about autumn now.

3. What is your favourite autumn colour? Mustard for definite, or berry.

4. What is your favourite fall drink? It’s got to be hot chocolate of course! Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is my absolute fave.

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall? I always look forward to watching The Apprentice and of course Doctor Who started on Sunday which was absolutely brilliant. I haven’t been this excited about watching Doctor Who since the David Tennant days!

6. What is your favourite fall fashion trend? This year it’s got to be the biker jacket, I’ve got a faux leather one from M&S and it’s definitely been my go to jacket over the past few weeks (not that it’s been cold enough to wear a jacket every day).

7. What is your favourite frugal autumn activity? Going for walks, as someone who loves photography, it’s great to go walking and take pictures of the pretty autumn leaves.

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? I love wearing berry coloured lipsticks this time of year (I did a whole post on this during Blogtober last year which you can find here – Autumn Lipsticks) I’m probably going to wear one if I go out this afternoon actually.

What’s your favourite thing about autumn or fall?


8 responses to “The Autumn Tag”

  1. Great post, loving the Autumn vibes! I love Autumn walks too and went for one today! I’m also obsessed with hot chocolate at the moment! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  2. Autumn walks are definitely the best walks! What I love most about autumn is that it finally cools off. Maryland can be extremely humid, so when autumn comes around and gives me a reprieve from sweating my life away, I’m very happy.

  3. Totally agree about cinnamon it’s a gorgeous scent! The Apprentice is one of my favourite shows too I’ve been loving watching it so far

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