Stationery Haul

Wow we’re in October already, I’m not actually taking part in Blogtober this year but I’ve got a long list of content ideas including autumn related content planned for my blog over the next couple of months… Today though is going to be a stationery haul! Stationery after all is one of my favourite things.

Stationery haul full of items from WHSmith - notebook, card and pens

Recently WHSmith had a clearance sale on (plus other sale offers on other items) I had a quick look through their website and was soon putting an order in, I actually bought this lot in 2 orders. The next day I bought the colouring pens plus the card and also some books which I may include in a future blog post.

How great is the notebook, I always love The Moon related things and you can never have too many notebooks right? I say this while currently having several notebooks I’ve not yet started using… Anyway, this one has lined pages and also has a pocket you can slip things like notes into as well.

Paper Mate Flair Original pens

I already bought a smaller pack of Paper Mate pens like these and really like them so when I saw these with £10 off they went straight into my tabs (I would say basket but I always tab things I like before I put them in my basket, does anyone else do that?)

WHSmith drawing pens

I’ve been thinking about getting some new art pens to draw with for a while then saw this WHSmith pack of 5 drawing pens were discounted (like half the price!) so thought why not, plus they include a brush pen which I really wanted. I have already had a bit of a doodle with them and really like the quality of the ink.

The Let’s Create card has been a go to of mine for making cards for quite some time now so since this was also in the sale I thought I’d get another packet.

WHsmith Let's Create colouring pens

I decided to go with the pack of 50 with these Let’s Create colouring pens, I absolutely love just how many shades there is in this packet. So many to choose from!

That is everything! Have you bought any stationery recently?


18 thoughts on “Stationery Haul

  1. Joannda

    Ah! I love, love, love stationery!! I could literally spend my whole salary on pens and notebooks 😉 LOL! Nothing quite like putting a brand new pen or marker to a fresh page of an empty notebook. Heaven! Those drawing pens look awesome. And YES! I absolutely use tabs!! How else are you supposed to be able to compare everything before selecting what you want to buy?

    1. Victoria Post author

      I know right, so many tabs! I don’t know about you but I always have the fear when starting a new notebook of messing up my writing on the first page. Have to put myself on a self imposed stationery buying ban sometimes haha. x

  2. Bexa

    Yay for stationery!! I love all your goodies Victoria! So true, you can never have too many notebooks ?. Those Paper Mate pens look awesome and such a bargain too! I’m the same and put things in tabs first before I commit them to the basket he he. I think I need to go to WH Smith’s soon! Great post and thanks for sharing lovely <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. Sarah

    Pens and notebooks are my weakness! I am always on the lookout for new pens and notebooks. Just seeing your haul makes me want to go out and buy more pens, haha.

  4. Kay

    Great post! I do love stationery, and when it comes to notebooks, there’s always room for another one!!
    Some great bargains too, I’m a sucker for pretty pens. And you’re not alone, I tab things before making the commitment to add them to my basket too 🙂

  5. Laura Easlick

    Love this post and I’m obsessed with stationery, especially notebooks! I recently bought some colourful sticky notes, sharpies pens, large paper and blue tack to make a visual to do list above my desk. Next I am going to buy a new notebook before I start my new job. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

    1. Victoria Post author

      I love sticky notes but don’t seem to find much use for them these days, I’ve got a pretty neon coloured squared lot on my desk though. A visual to do list sounds great! Thanks! x


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